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massive EMF poisoning and sensitivity USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Annette Mills Created: 4 Feb 2010 Updated: 4 Feb 2010 Viewed: 7912 time(s)
Massive Electromagnetic Poisoning leads to lifestyle changes and sensitivities.
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massive EMF poisoning and sensitivity Created: 4 Feb 2010
In June of 2006, I moved from California to Germany with my husband, due to a job transfer. The change started in October of that year, with my hearing hummings and whinings at night, of different pitches. I could not find where these noises were coming from. I’d go from room to room, putting my ear to the refrigerator, the heating system, anything electric. The high pitched whinings usually started after I had gone to bed, always waking me at an exact hour., ie. exactly 11 pm, or exactly 2 a.m. This noise did not wake or disturb my husband. I could hear undulations, as the whines got worse towards the half hour, gradually growing quieter closer to the hour. I’d fade to sleep only to be awoken, again, at the exact next hour. I started naming the sound pitches…”my fathers razor”, “water thru pipes”, or the low pitch of “garage door opening”. At the same time, but not knowing it was related, I started experiencing heart palpitations, nose bleeds, worsening allergy symptoms. I experienced night sweats, aches and pains everywhere from shoulders, ankles, to being able to feel pain in every joint in my hands. My period stopped. I would awaken to find my fists clenched. I started losing my hair. I went to the doctor and they told me it was stress or menopause or arthritis. The strange thing is, I had never experienced any of these symptoms when I lived in California, a short 5 months previous.
These noises got worse, as did the symptoms. As my husband was at work ten hours a day, he did not experience what I did, but I knew he was feeling the affects. When the noises would wake me, I’d hold still knowing he had to work the next morning. Invariably after about 15 minutes my husband would awaken, complaining of an upset stomach. So in this way, I knew that even though I was the only one hearing the noise, they were also affecting him.
I went to the doctor in our small village. She had no idea what the cause, but I told her there were masts about 150 meters away from our house, just across a small field. She suggest I go to a meeting of citizens against masts. I went to the meeting, held in March of 2007, going from person to person asking who spoke English. I met a wonderful man who was a professor from the University of Erlangen. He agreed to come to our house and measure the EMF waves and see if the masts were an issue.
By this time, my symptoms were much worse. I started getting terrible headaches where I’d never experienced more than 1 headache a year as a norm. I was losing my vocabulary. I was losing my ability to concentrate. I was losing my motor skills and starting to stumble. I had nausea 24 hours a day. I felt I could not get enough sleep. At night when the noise started, I also started to shake from head to toe. I would walk around the house and try to sleep in different rooms, behind the stairwell, the bathtub, and even trying to sleep in the car, just to get away from the noise and shaking. I started seeing grids behind my eyelids. I had never heard of EMF’s but felt driven to get away from the feelings and noise. I felt very ill, scared and alone. I felt I was dying. I felt fried.
I called the Professor to our home to measure, and he came one afternoon with his calibrated equipment. His measurements showed “normal” daytime use of small “spikes” of the cell phone usage, 14 or 15 on the scale. He said “this is the same energy we would use in the lab to change DNA in a petri dish”. I told him that the masts were not really coming on until night. The professor gave me permission to call him when they came on. Several nights later, at 2 a.m., I called the professor, when the energy was an “8” in my own scale of 1 to 10. Ten minutes later he was at our house and setting up the computer equipment in our backyard. It was now an April night, I had a blanket around my shoulders as he read his meter. He said “the meter is showing so high a number I can’t read it,,,let me put on a filter”. He screwed in a filter of 10,000. It was still so high he could not read it. He screwed in another filter of 10,000. Finally, the meter read “7”. He was astounded. “700,000”. The professor said that if he was in the laboratory, he’d have to be wearing a “bee suit” for protection, the energy was so high. He told us not to spend another night in the house. And, due to the reading, this was going to have to be reported to the German court system.
The professor said that he took the equipment to the manufacturer, in person, to check the calibration. It was right on, and the manufacturer did not know that they could read that high of a number. This was equal to 30 per square meter., or .3. Our family moved the following day. The government came and did their own testing. The manager/supervisor of this testing was relieved from his job after we got the American Embassy to send letters requesting a copy of the readings. The government test was not released for over a year. Of course, they showed ‘normal’. Nothing was ever admitted to by the government or the businesses running the masts/towers, but just previous to the noises starting, a new mast had gone up in the neighboring town of Uttenreuth. This mast was owned by Medav.
The German doctors I found that were well read and knowledgeable about EMF’s told us to look out for brain cancers and tumors. They put me on massive doses of zinc, to bring up my near extinct immune system. As the body uses sleep, particularly between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am for repair, when this sleep is interrupted, so is our ability to boost our immune system. I believe the masts come on higher at night, because there are less people using their cell phones, so less interruption for large amounts of data to be sent on the same equipment used by cell phones. I can not prove this, and as no one is monitoring EMF’s at night, only the perpetrators themselves know.
Our new house was in a binky village in a valley, thinking that there would be less EMF’s. In the new house, my husband made us faraday cages to sleep in, minimizing the energy from the masts we found were prolific throughout Germany. The faraday shelter helped immensely, except there are still some bad nights where the energy comes thru. It took about a year and a half for most of the symptoms to disappear. We now have moved back to California, but still sleep in a faraday cage/shelter. I still feel/hear electromagnetic energy. The EMF’s are getting worse here in California, and I now hold no hope for the situation to get better in my lifetime. Here in California, the FCC sells the licenses, sets the limits of EMF’s, but NO ONE monitors this energy. There is NO department in the government to deal with or for the citizens that are poisoned with EMF’s. I am extremely sensitive to EMF’s. If I go shopping in a store with sensors (for shoplifting) I get tunnel vision after about 10 minutes. I start feeling really stupid and confused and insecure. I jump before a cell phone rings. What gets me is that no one sees the cell masts. No one questions. The Catholic church a block away is now going to put in a WiMax tower on their property. The almighty dollar. We must move once again. Though Europe is catching on, albeit slowly, to the dangers of cell mast microwave energy, the U.S. is putting masts up in massive numbers. We all need our WIMAX, now don’t we! Big business runs the world.

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