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A few advice to Microwave Radiation victims that could make life easier USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Joseph Gerbic Created: 2 Mar 2010 Updated: 2 Mar 2010 Viewed: 5054 time(s)
When I have eliminated or reduced these influences, then I have been able to eliminate 97%-100% of the problem around me. I sincerely hope we can get this to work for you.
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First of all, I'd like to make clear that these are the things that take on their own lives and resonate in MY environment. Created: 2 Mar 2010
First of all, I'd like to make clear that these are the things that take on their own lives and resonate in MY environment. It may be different where you are. And I sincerely hope this will be of help.

(1). Loose or any unconnected wires, leaving open circuits. The house wiring has to be up to code, or it can act as a potent antenna making things
much worse. Even though everything can turn on/off, there may be electrical code violations. This has to be checked out in every home. Proper
grounding is required. Anything that can act like an antenna, will. This is true in all this microwave soup where we find ourselves. The more cell
towers or antennas around us, the worse we will feel it.

(2). Petroleum products and by-products. Now this takes in a lots of territory. This can be anything made of petroleum distillates.
Let's start with oil, gas, brake fluid, transmission fliud, power steering fluid, lighter fluid, coal tar, plastics(certain ones), solvents, many chemicals,
adhesives(any kind-really bad), cardboard, cleaners, paint removers, detergents, degreasers, dyes, personal care products, et al.

(3). Spider webs can act as potent antennas(transmitters and receivers. Get rid of these where ever you see them.

(4). Bird feathers. These definitely do have electromagnetic properties and can be hell, if they are around you. I believe the electromagnetic properties
help the birds navigate, of course they do become disoriented in all this electrosmog.

(5). Tobacco or cigarette smoke. This can be really bad, too. I don't smoke, but I am a libertarian, and don't believe ininfringing peoples' rights to smoke, do
drugs, or drink, or any of that, but I'm not an advocate of any of it. I do my share of drinking, however. it seems to be the tars in cigarette smoke that
creates the antenna effects. Whenever I go out, and I get cigarette smoke in my clothes, the microwaves are immediately attracted to the clothes, and
I will feel aches and pains, stiffness, and other symptoms. Therefore, I need to immediately change clothes, launder, then try to avoid second-hand
smoke. I don't allow smoking in my RV for this reason. So really, it's mainly a matter of making oneself less attractive to all this electrosmog.

(6). Certain types rocks. These can act as transmitters, and have definite radiofrequency properties. Original radiosets were crystal sets. The type of
rock that we have here that is such a problem is the stuff with the galena in it.
The best way to determine if the rocks are radiating is to dowse them, but this does require an ability to dowse.

(7). Food. I'd strongly recommend one to eat as much organic stuff as possible. This is because many of the additives and chemicals in food seem to
have the ability to resonate in these field, for example, pesticides on produce.

(8). Radios. Well, this seems self-evident. The antennas can pull in lots of radio prequency noise(spurious radiation that is not part of the signal). it's best
to leave these on an AM band, and not FM. FM seems to pull in so many bad frequencies. Most of the offending stuff is in the FM to microwave field.
When tuned to an AM station(whether being used or not, seems to help. Also, keep the radios plugged in, or the plug will act as an antenna and pull
stuff in.

(9). Dirty electricity. These are the wave-forms or frequencies that come right in through the powerlines. This can make you miserable. I refer to the stuff
that is already there, and another problem is when a direct signal from outside the house is hitting the service panel(where the power comes into the
house). I don't know what you call it over there, but this can literally drive you nuts, so I always look for anything around the service panel which I
know may pull in radiation harmonics, or wayward frequencies. I always find the problem-again, with my dowsing. In the RV parks here in the USA
we have what's known as pedestals. This is where the RVs can plug into the power grid. Also, I can use solar power with inverters. This is much
better, because it isn't contaminated from the electrical grid. But I use the pedestal power, too. it's not bad here, that is, unless radiowaves start
hitting it, then I go crazy. Luckily, I can always correct this. Usually I find things around the pedestal which themselves act like antennas, then
get rid of them. Problem solved instantaneously. An example is spider webs. they will pull in signals from all over. I have to be careful in the summer,
because we have black widows here, and they pack a nasty bite, and can kill a very sick or old person.

(10). Reflected radiowaves. This is also a major problem. One needs to determine if one is in the path of a source signal, or is getting hit by a reflected
radiowave. This can be a problem if one has a vehicle like mine. it has a fiberglass covering, but inside it has a metal skin(aluminum). This will
reflect on the inside, and bounce off on the outside. This is one way I determine if there is any signal coming at me from a distance, and where
from. I already know where all the radiating towers are of any kind. When it's not from them, then it is a secondary source, which I can always

(11). Dirt, dust, grease, grime of any kind seems to make ths situation worse. Therefore, it behooves one to keep scrupulously clean.
This is pretty much it. Now I know this seems to be just too overwhelming, but it is simply a matter of forming new habits and replacing or eliminating
certain things from one's environment. Now all these effects I mention will be worse, the more wireless radiation is in the air. For example, the city
versus the country. Even out in the country there can be plenty of signals, and the transmitters can be much more powerful(and all the extraneous
radiation, too). I have experienced this in The US. I don't know about anywhere else. One needs to know where these things are. Many of these
antennas can be hidden, camoflaged, and made to look like natural objects(trees, church steeples, flagpoles, etc). The meters and dowsing rods
can come in handy in detecting hidden locations.

Now I'm going to tell you how I handle this whole situation. I even helped a friend in Las Vegas elinate 90% of his problem. Now Vegas is one of the most heavily radiated cities on the planet. You have stuff coming at you from every point, and do they have the sick people to show for it!!! They put these damn towers on top of hospitals, hotels, casinos, and every bloody place you can imagine.
The doctors and nurses are constantly popping headache medications all day long. I could never work in a a hospital again, and I worked in them for over 33 years!
The first thing I do is make sure I know what is coming at me-my dowsing instrument and my meters for RFR.Then I try to reduce my antenna effect or attractiveness. I do this by the following:

(1). I try to wear only cotton or organic cotton clothes. Synthetics have too much electrical resistance and the charge can build up on them, also they
have too many petrochemical derivatives which can attract this stuff and make you more miserable.

(2). I use only chemical free soaps and laundry detergents. These do not contain surfactants and organic chemicals which can help clog the skin
pores, sealing in the layers of dead skin, blocking the natural oils of the skin, and keeping the chemicals in your body-very bad. I use Cal Ben Soap
and detergents. The website is Perhaps you have sources where you are for non-chemical soaps, I don't know, but
Cal Ben will ship.

(3). Any oil cans, adhesives, car fluids, or petroleum related products I keep locked up in my car trunk, storage shed, or in my metal cargo bays on the
RV. Never inside. All this stuff will attract the bad stuff. This also goes for cardboard boxes which have adhesives in them

(4). I get rid of all plastic garbage bags, or any plastic bags as soon as I can. I simply walk over to the dumpster in my park and throw them in there, and
never leave this stuff around the house.

(5). I seam-rip all laundry tags and brand name tags out of my clothes as soon as I buy them. These are usually nylon based and have lots of resistance,
and are again, derivatives of petroleum distillates.
(6). I basically try to steer clear of anything that has volatile organic chemicals in it, or anything connected with pesticides, genetically modified crops,
flouridated water. One also needs a source of clean water. I use an Reverse Osmosis unit here, and don't drink anything from plastic bottles. period.

(7). The human body can itself act like an antenna, especially where hair is located on it. It is indeed wise to keep these areas scrupulously clean.

(8). If one has to use commercial cleaners and products, it is best to store this stuff out of the house, and in metal containers(sealed) which will prevent
them from radiating out, ot letting the stuff in. This works well for me.

(9). I don't wear battery operated watches, or use a cell phone(ever).

(10). When I go out, I try to avoid places where the energy is bad. You are exposed to other peoples' phones wifi, dirty electricity, cigarette smoke, the
whole nine yards. I mainly frequent the places with the least radiofrequency noise, and the best earth energy.

(11). I don't smoke, but I'd advise anyone who does, to do it outside, for the residues of the cigarettes will get into everything, and then need to be
washed out, or you will have further irritation from this stuff. This has been my experience. No smoking in my place. There are over 600 chemicals
in cigarette smoke, tars, over 43 known carcinogens. I believe it is all these chemicals they put in cigarettes which cretae the antenna effect, and
not the tobacco itself. If I were to smoke, I'd try to get my own tobacco, roll it, and then use it. The nicotine is in all tobacco. They also use ammonia
in commercial cigarettes to potentiate the addictive effect of the nicotine. Very bad.

(12). Now when I dowse the towers which actually emit the wireless signals for communications purposes, I don't even get a bad dowse. I believe the
signals, or the effect they have on us hypersensitives, are almost totally reduced by eliminating all the antenna effects around me. However, I don't
have any tower closer than a mile from me. But before I did everything mentioned here, I was getting a bad dowse from them, even in some cases,
from 5 miles or more away from us. Basically what I have done is remove much of my attractiveness to them.

Well, Ihope this helps you. It certainly has helped me. I also know how to reduce the same problems in the places I go to, but don't always do so, because I may be in these places for only minutes, or less.
How I neutralize all this is another topic, and would also almost require a practical demostration.
There are also ways to bend this stuff around you, and neutralize radiating points which are not actual towers or part of the physical. wireless infrastructure.
I probably could have reduced your exposure in the house you had across from the pub, too-making it bearable.
But for now, all we need to do is reduce the amount of things that can have a life of their own, but this is so only in all this electrosmog. These things were not any kind of a problem,say, 20 years ago here in the US. They would not have been causing us problems, because the levels of radiation were either too low, or almost non-existant in those days.
Actually, I didn't feel a thing until 2002. No electrohypersensitivity. it's just that this stuff gets more and more, making all this worse.
One last thing that seems to help. It seems to help in the house to keep doors open and not closed (doors inside the house-) I don't mean front or back doors, but say, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, that sorta thing. Good luck, and let me know if any of this helps or not.
I will be looking out for comments.

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