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Lost Faith Japan
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Nick Long Created: 23 Mar 2010 Updated: not yet Viewed: 3642 time(s)
Case involves protest of NTT Docomo decision to build cellphone towers behind kindergartens in the following locations; Hisai, Kawage, TSU etc <br /><br />
Stationary mast with a height of 15 meters built in residential areas and in all cases less than 15-50 meters from school area Kindergrtens etc<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Its is largely believed that DOCOMO has pursued profit over potential health dangers posed to children & the public at large by building Stationary Towers rather than the more expensive Satelite systems often preferered by Cell Phone companies. Thus the "Cell" Phone Towers which have been shown to be deleterious/ harmful/ dangerous to the "Cells" of the human body; (the structure of ones constitution & the structure of ones society at large).....the bodies of children, they still seek profit over potential health risks.<br /><br />
DOCOMO pursues the policy of maximum deniability citing old sources paid by lobbying telecommunications groups in backdoor dealings with the WHO (the same organization that sat silent while big Tobacco Companies sold the idea that smoking was not hazardous to ones health; thats who!<br /><br />
Typical lawyer tactics, appealing to traditions are some of the ways these " death salesmen" for these Towers persuade the people of Japan to go along with radiation posioning. (Towers are ALWAYS put in at the dead of night or secretly without notice to the surrounding public as a way of minimizing protest)<br /><br />
When people do protest. Meetings designed to persuade the public of Cell Phone Towers safety are held in local communities. 4-5 men will sit at a table & show a video screen slide of Tokyo Towers (appealing to tradition & other marketing ploys), citing sources such as the WHO etc. During one meeting in the Kawage area a distinguished lady of 78 years old stood up and pleaded, begged the salesman to remove the Towers saying that "children are our treasure we should be trying to protect children not sell our childrens future away for profit of today or expose them to radiation" (loose translation). She brought tears to the eyes of myself and nearly 80 people in the meeting. It is my understanding that All who attended where against the building of the Tower.<br /><br />
As an American, who has come to Japan for sanctuary in a manner of speaking....I do not believe in the war mongering politics of my own country and in coming here I have learned so much of the value of Japanese life, the customs, the culture often taken for granted by some Japanese citizens...all are representations of a heaven on earth for me.<br /><br />
I had lost a little faith in the invincibility of the Japanese spirit to stand up and speakout...<br /><br />
I had lost a little faith in Japanese officials; although I know like all politicians around the World can be somewhat corrupt but as politicians go..... are still Japanese and so thus, take care of their people to whom they are related, protect their citizenary from danger and any and all citizens who live in their sovereign country... I lost this faith when the Towers went up and I felt there was no one speaking out against this injustice. <br /><br />
Personally I have felt migraines, piercing headaches, a buzzing sound coming from a tower into my head...a tower just about 800 meters away. We have about 4 towers and we are triangualted in between them. There are 3 additional Towers within visual distance to our home...In total there are about 8 towers.<br /><br />
I feel sick all the time, my kids immune system also has been compromised. To reassure myself about 8 mos ago I received a brain scan to make sure there were no tumors. and I appear to be okay. I have gone to doctors on innumerable occassions and they have no idea of what the problem is...<br /><br />
I felt no one ws going through what I was going through or even cared about the towers. That is until I discovered that Japanese people also do not want these Towers erected.......protests are and have indeed been mounting all over Japan.<br /><br />
Tokyo will hold a symposium on April 10th. Groups of dedicated citizens and just normal Japanese men and women, professors educators all will be meeting and speaking. I met one such educator, Mrs.Yasuko Katoh. Infact here in Mie/TSU people are voicing their frustrations over DOCOMO; Yasuko in Hisai, Kawaguchi, Onishi and many others too many to name; all have aimed to spearhead movements bringing awareness to his very serious issue seeking to protect our children and the Japanese people from danger.<br /><br />
While countries around the World are removing Cell Phone Towers because of their potential health hazards. DOCOMO of Japan seems to be stubbornly erecting these Towers...everywhere. Taiwan has taken the measure of removing Cell Phone Towers around all schools, kindergardens etc...These Towers in the thousands that once dotted the landscape of Taiwan are being removed. Do Taiwanese officials love their children any more than Japanese officials & citizens? <br /><br />
Israel also seems to care more about protecting their citizens, specifically the radiation emitted from their cell phones that they require all cell phones to carry a warning safety label announcing the danger of cell phone use.....Kids are not allowed a cell phone in Israel without a warning label (like the warning label on the box of cigareets) While DOCOMO is targeting children as young as 8 years of age as consumers for their radiation emitting phones. DOCOMO tells citizens....prove it...Prove your illness is related to our phones or our towers (like the tobbacco companies of yesterday) They cite WHO....(like the Tobacco companies of yesterday . <br /><br /><br />
DOCOMO says, as a company we CANT prove 100% our Towers are safe but you people CANT prove 100% they are dangerous (we have been told this in meetings and have documentation , tape recording of this statement) <br /><br />
DOCOMO merely needs to use satelite systems to power their phones not landbase RADIATION TOWERS which by the way carry no warning signs into their and around the Towers....Airplanes, ultrasound nearly all radiation emitting equipment must carry this sign.<br /><br /><br />
I care not about the politics of Japan. I am a guest. it would be rude for me to involve myself in the politics of I dont. I humbly apologize in advance for my rudeness in speaking of this issue.....but under the circumstances & in alignment of Japanese values, culture tradtion and the spirit of Japan....I gotta say somnething. No matter how small or insignificant.<br /><br />
I believe the Hatoyama administration to be a wonderful administration of the people. I believe they will address this issue. And like all responsible governments...make the correct decision. Either way massive protests around the country will have serious impact on DOCOMO'S ability and other companies to posion our children. Protests are impacting negotiations of DOCOMO'S TATA in people within those respective communities are protesting the effects of serious illness caused by these Towers also.<br /><br />
Just think.....Severe illnesses are already being reported. Even though Japan has yet to go full digital. Serious danger ahead for Mie/Tsu area as the drive to contaminate the countryside with Towers is becoming increasingly pervasive.<br /><br />
While an arguable maybe more true than we now realize......It has been suggested that the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) over time will produce more radiation than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima; this said I cant understand why Japanese officials would (EVEN POTENTIALLY) poison/expose their own people...silently, without value/respect for their own; children, citizens etc.... rather than seek profit over health.<br />
<br />
<br />
UPDATE<br />
<br />
The comment made on the related health effects of radiation from cellphone towers, cell phones etc and Hiroshima was not a statement based on Lies...ITS IS THE TRUTH!!!!<br />
<br />
While our leaders bask in the wealth of money greed and power while polluting the air and futures of their as to be under the illusion of inclusion with the good ol boys network of corrupt entities working hard to depopulate, or surveill the populace. (Cell Phone Towes is actually a weaponized sytem created by NORAD & the US Dept of War or rather Defense) The interesting thing is that Radiation Towers are also slowly killing them and their loved ones as well...<br />
<br />
The below statment is of the Hiroshima bombing on an innocent population; the after effects of radiation low levels....are no different in amount to the amount of Cell Phone Radiation emitted from towers today...( just one cellphone tower)....<br />
<br />
"While the initial flash, explosion, and fires at the epicenter caused over half of the fatalities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it has been deduced that radiation, whether from initial exposure or fallout, was responsible for about 30 per cent following the explosion (Schull, 12). In the next nine weeks or so, survivors experienced “fever, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, bloody diarrhea, loss of hair…, bleeding under the skin…, sores in their throat and mouth…, and decay and ulceration of the gums about the teeth” (ibid., 12-13). These symptoms were the result of acute radiation sickness. Radioactive atoms were attacking the cells of each of these survivors, not only leaving them with these external symptoms, but internal ones as well. Pancytopenia, a reduction in platelets, red, and white blood cells, inflicted victims of acute radiation sickness. This alteration of the blood left them hopeless to fight off infection. Even at an absorbed dose of 100 rad, a survivor would lose 50 per cent of his ability to produce cells and platelets (ibid., 14). Comparing this figure to the LD 50/60 at the time, a dosage as high as 450 rad, almost seems unimaginable. An absorbed dose this high would have disastrous effects on the blood. Needless to say, in this time period following the blast, death was widely related to pancytopenia as the immune system deteriorated."<br />
<br />
<br />
Now DOCOMO cellsphone representatives say that their Radiation Towers emit just 10 watts...or no more than 14 watts, they use fancy terms to hide RAD which means Radiation Absorption Dose and use intead SAR Specific Absorption Rate....<br />
<br />
Regardless of the invented terms to shield liability in terms of the alredy documented and known effects of radiation principally through populations that have been subject to radiation experiments in mass (lots of documentation of radiation has been compiled, Japan should have a world body on regualtion of radiation as the amount of studies are overwhelming) ....
The use of a cellphone emits well-over 20 Rads of radiation...<br />
(this is why Israel requires Radiation warning labels on all phones)<br />
CellPhone Towers emit higher amounts than this and are so dangerous that industry leaders, regulation committees have teamed up to withold the evidence of that actual radiaition amount emitted from their Towers..(For an example do a routine search on CellPhone tower radiation emission amount...You wont be able to find a single document medical or other wise...Tightly held secrets ca be dismantled if their is precedense...And I say to you there is overwhellming precedence!<br />

Prevailing information suggests that cell Phone towers produce well over 200 rads when fully powered up....<br />
But we could be just working with their quoted amount....(less than than 50 rads of radiation is emitted"... <br />
Hiroshima victims that were on the outside of the hypocenter of the explosion and received only radiological damage experienced less radiation than this and died as a result.... There is potentially more gamma radiation..from the Towers today than the unfortuanate victims experienced in this horrible act of inhumanity.<br />
DOCOMO also conveniently forgets that 2 towers triangulated produce even by their estimation 100 rads...this is all that is needed to cause damage to the body, leukimia, cancer, and tumors...etc<br />
<br />
Thus the correlation science has alread been correlated by the victims of Hiroshima!...<br />
<br />
Please read: Hiroshima: Radiation Effects<br /><br />
<br />
Over 60 years ago we knew that just 100 rads of Gamma Radiation (the same type of radiation emitted from your phone and cellphone Towers....cause cancer and leukima<br />
<br />
100 Rads= 1 Gray or 1 Sievert.<br />
<br />
Cancer is found in just 5 Milisivert in the victims of Hiroshima!<br />
<br /> Read!!
"In the discussion of cancer risks presented here, attention is focused on survivors with estimated doses greater than 5 millisieverts" (mSv; 0.005 Sv). <br />
<br />
Read also: Chapter 1 Comparison of the Acute Effects of the Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bombings and of the Chernobyl Reactor Accident<br /><br />
<br />
Other interesting information...<br />
Can be obtained here:<br /><br /><br />
<br />
<br />
So while you critics smile and jest over the comment that Raidiation emitted from Hiroshima blasts that killed innoent population of women and children yesterday is being used to cull human populations today....
I am telling you in no uncertain terms..>That today CellPhone Towers poison the same people that faced historys only example of a mass killing of innoecent people long after the intial explosion....
Radiation killed more people in Hiroshima than Nagasaki...<br />
So yes!<br />
<br />
DOCOMO is assisting in the further depopulation of its citizenary....for profit.<br />
I'll say it because as an American I can....<br />
<br />
DOCOMO reps are Death Salesman doing the Unthinkable.
Overtime more radiation will be emitted from cellphone Towers than the radiation emitted from the droping of the bomb on Japan!

Prove me wrong!
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