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Brain tumours, animal deaths, illness United Kingdom
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: iMac Created: 19 Aug 2011 Updated: not yet Viewed: 2848 time(s)
My father died from a glioblastoma brain tumour after moving to a house in which a mast was planted in a close proximity. He was always a strong and healthy man until we noticed change some years ago. I have extreme difficulty with sleeping and I had many health problems when younger which didn't occur until the mast was close by. It is situated directly behind the street in which I live in and many occupants are getting cancers now. This wasn't heard of here before the mast arrived and a dog died within a few months of the installation of the mast. We had rabbits and they did not live long. I suspect this due to the radiation, Also I am feeling the air pressure around this area is too heavy. I plan on leaving soon and so do the rest of my family for our health is important.
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