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Electrical Pollution and Cancer: My Story USA
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Kris Brekke Created: 28 Jul 2005 Updated: 28 Jul 2005 Viewed: 4856 time(s)
Electrical Pollution & Brain Tumors
Is there a connection?
Please help me to find out.
By Kris Brekke
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Electrical Pollution and Cancer: My Story Created: 28 Jul 2005
Electrical Pollution & Brain Tumors
Is there a connection?

I had an experience that suggests a link between brain tumors and high levels of electromagnetic radiation caused by “dirty power”, and am seeking the help of other brain tumor patients to participate in a study that compares the levels of electrical pollution in their homes and workplaces with those of a control group. This is an excellent opportunity to test your home and workplace for dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation.

What is electrical pollution?
Power companies supply current that alternates between positive and negative 60 times per second. Malfunctioning electrical components can bounce this current back through your wiring in at multiples of 60 known as harmonics. These high frequency surges radiate power through your wiring like an antenna, and can cause “radio wave sickness” with symptoms similar to low level electrical shock. The power coming into your house can also be “dirty” if the power company does not have an adequate neutral wire returning to the power station.

Electrical Pollution and Cancer: My Story

In late January 2005, I was diagnosed with a 6cm anaplastic astrocytoma in my right occipital lobe. A biopsy and tissue test were done at UW Hospital in Madison, and the pathology was confirmed by MD Anderson in Houston. I had just turned 50, and had been exceptionally healthy until experiencing a seizure on Halloween 2004. I also had tingling in my left hand. A friend of my mother told me about electrical pollution and recommended that I study the topic at and She also lent me a micro surge meter from Stetzer Electric that reads changes in voltage as a function of time (dV/dt). A healthy level is under 50. Most of my outlets showed a solid "1", with but some were fluctuating around 1900. I called Stetzer Electric and learned that the meter only displays up to 1999, and shows a "1" for readings above that. On the advice of Dave Stetzer, I checked our electrical panel, and found that the readings dropped when one circuit was turned off. By unplugging electrical devices on that circuit one-by-one, I found that an AC/DC power supply for a network router was causing the problem (this router had been continuously plugged in for about 4 years). After the router was replaced, micro surge readings throughout our house dropped by 99%. The tingling in in my left hand went away immediately. The best news came on June 16, 2005 when an MRI showed that my tumor had collapsed to a line that may be scar tissue.

I cannot be certain that electrical pollution caused my tumor, or that fixing the electrical problem influenced my recovery. In addition to conventional radiation and chemotherapy (410mg of Temodar 5 nights per month), I added flax oil blended with protein to my diet (see and magnets to my drinking water (see More research needs to be done. Rather than wait for someone else to do it, I propose that we start collecting data ourselves by taking micro surge readings in our own homes and workplaces. I will send my micro surge meter free to any ABTA member who wishes to check their power, and ask only that it be returned in a prepaid envelope with a short form listing the readings and some background information about your condition. Small donations to cover the cost of postage would be appreciated but are not required. I am seeking the assistance of biostatisticians and epidemiologists to set up a control group and to analyze the data. If a significant correlation is found between high levels of electromagnetic radiation and brain tumors, some enterprising researcher may be motivated to seek funding for a more formal study.

As cancer patients, we live in uncertainty, and do not have time to wait for conclusive research. We must act with incomplete information to reduce exposure to as many risk factors as possible. Checking homes and workplaces for high levels of electromagnetic radiation is a good place to start. I hope that this information will benefit you, and would appreciate your participation in my modest study.
By Kris Brekke
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