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My EMF'd Life - New York, New York USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: MJ Rudolph Created: 4 Mar 2012 Updated: 1 Oct 2013 Viewed: 8936 time(s)
Unchecked proliferation of cell phone antennas has turned out to be a problem for me.
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Fast Forward Created: 1 Oct 2013
I'm starting at the present, rather than the beginning. Today, I turned down another job. I want to work, I need to work, but I get sick when I'm close to cell phone antennas. When I went to interview last week, soon after sitting down I felt the unmistakable sensations on my skull, on my skin, and then I saw the antennas aligned on the building across the street, magic wands sprinkling their magical modern gifts on me. The effects are cumulative, but it never takes long for the symptoms to assert themselves: the hurting head, the memory problems, crashing at odd times throughout the day, a wheezing congested feeling throughout my body, the internal vibrations when I lie down at night--as though there's an idling motor inside my head--the suddenly oddly irregular heartbeat wanting to explode out of my chest. Swollen glands, weird stringy hair, twitchy muscles. A drawn worn-out look that I'd never carried before these wireless days. Sex drive? Forget that. As I said to my sister the other day: "Electro-sensitivity sounds like such a trifle. 'O he's *sensitive*.' In reality, you feel like the life is being sucked out of you." So today, I got the call, asking me to start on a 4 week job (the others were longer, one would have kept me busy for the rest of the year). I wrote back saying 'some personal matters have arisen, and I won't be available.' It hurts to do this. I like working, and I like to pay my bills too. But I can't withstand another round of those physiological effects. And so I'll wait for the next call, hopefully from a place in a basement.
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