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Mobile phone base station of two telecom companies infront our house Philippines
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
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Mobile base station in front of our house
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The doctor that conducted total thyroidectomy simply certified that one of the causes of thyroid tumour is radiation Created: 28 Jun 2012
My readings of various web sites say that thyroid gland is very sensitive to radiation(unqualified/unclassified). Our house is within the horizontal distance as measured from the foot to the tip of the antennae. The doctor that conducted total thyroidectomy on my family member simply certified that based on the diagnosis, one of the causes of thyroid tumour is radiation. Another neighbor of ours informed me that his son had also undergone treatment of thyroid problem. I understand that it is extremely difficult to prove that radiation caused tumour or cancer.

After the telco did not respond to my claim/demand for reimbursement of hospitalization expenses, we tried to find out if the said telco is compliant with other obligations or government regulations.

Among other things, I am of the opinion, based on my findings, that for several years after its commencement of operation, the facility never complied with those express requirements of government regulatory bodies which are reasonably verifiable by any member of the general public. Therefore, it is also my opinion that those requirements pertaining to technical aspects are highly suspect to having been disregarded if not abused.

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Rajkovic et al 2010b.pdf
Rajkovic et al 2006.pdf

1. LETTERS: Radiation from phone masts, Wednesday October 14, 2009 ( by Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD Lecturer in Biology (retired) Imperial College London.
2. Proceedings of the International Conference on Non-Ionising Radiation at UNITEN (ICNIR 2003), Electromagnetic Fields and Our Health, 20th - 22nd October 2003 "Biological Effects of Microwave and Mobile Telephony" by K. Sri Nageswari (Email:


As you know, there are several other research results from various groups. They all seem to agree that long-term effects of non-ionising RF and microwave radiation become manifest after a long period of 10 to 15 years. Hence, the WHO, ICNIRP and other international scientific institutions recommend strict-adherence to health-based guidelines.

Basically, this recommendation is what I am proving to have been ignored by the Telco’s in our country in addition to the neglect in complying with the requirements of our government regulatory agencies.
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For almost one year, Jean felt heated skin and perspired almost anytime of day and night. Created: 28 Jun 2012
For almost one year, Jean felt heated skin and perspired almost anytime of day and night. She also had disturbed sleep of three hours at night and yet felt always drowsy. In the end she felt a hump in her neck and had difficulty swallowing any solid food. When she consulted a doctor, she was diagnosed to have several nodules and was made to undergo complete thyroidectomy. After her surgery and up to now, she undergoes regular hormone check and medication in order to monitor and control excessive hormone production that could lead to more serious ailment, God forbid, than the tumor that was previously excised from her neck.
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