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Microwaved at the Swap Meet USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: CJ K Created: 23 Jun 2012 Updated: not yet Viewed: 2704 time(s)
I just spent the last four hours within 100 meters of a 100 ft tall magnetic dish cell tower. I was working Denio's. I was making wire trees our of steel wire, so I was pretty much holding an 18" antennae for most of the four hours...already sensitivities to EMFs. Only felt a little bit of queasiness and pain in the rear lobe of my brain.... but after leaving... I misjudged a turn and almost hit a curb, my vision was watery and solids looked fluid in darks and lights. I had very little sensation on my skin especially on my forehead from temple to temple, its just returning after an hour after leaving there. My finger I had crushed in a door a month ago (that never hurts) felt like I had just crushed it again.
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