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Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: John Corius Created: 26 Sep 2012 Updated: 26 Sep 2012 Viewed: 6298 time(s)
I have found a family run business that has successfully helped me and my family to not be influenced my EMF EMR or geopathic stress.
It has been a wonderful journey and they supported me all the way through the process. just google "Swiss Harmony UK" you won't regret it.
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The experience Created: 26 Sep 2012
It was horrible, I could not sleep nor could I think straight. Since we moved into our present house we have been continuously ill to some extent. Some days were worse than others. First of all we put it down to stress at work and living in a new area. We even had the house checked for asbestos and other toxic elements. We didn't find anything. Then a friend drew my attention to the possibility that it might be EMF radiation inc. all of the electrics in my house. They recommended I get in touch with Neel at a business called Swiss Harmony UK, she said that he had extensive experience in dealing with EMF radiation and the influence that it has on the body.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I did not believe that electrics could have an influence on me like that but it was getting so unbearable I had to try it.
Neel was very nice, he offered to come to my house and have a look around and measure the extent of the exposure. This visit he informed me would be free of charge and only served as a meeting to give advice. He gave me all the details and told me of other clients that he had and helped. He then went on to give me a list of options that I had. I can't remember all of it but he explained in detail how his preferred method worked.
It was called "Harmonisation" and was done by devices that where hand made by his father in Switzerland. He recommended me to have the devices installed as it would help me and make me healthier. After a few days of deliberation I decided to go with the installation as the symptoms were getting unbearable. The cost was something that I had to consider but now I can now say that it was an investment that was worth making. He assured me that if after 3 months I thought it had been a waste of money and the symptoms persisted I could give the products back and he would give me my money back and help me find another solution.

This was the most helpful, straight forward and holistic experience I have ever had and it has transformed my life. I can sleep better and I have not been ill for a day since it has all happened. I wanted to share this with everyone so you can also have this experience and not have to life with these influences, because lets face it we want a TV and a mobile phone and with Swiss Harmony we can, without having to worry about it.
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