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"Electrosensitive" symptoms and now organs being affected USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Deirdre Mazzetto Created: 9 Jan 2013 Updated: 9 Jan 2013 Viewed: 8087 time(s)
Became "electrosensitive" after current move and installation of smart meters in our city. Been living with symptoms, connecting the dots, and shielding myself for 6 months and now plan to move to a brick building near no masts.
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Moving next month because of progressively worsening symptoms Created: 9 Jan 2013
I believe my "electrosensitivity" began after smart meters were installed in my neighborhood. I am a Registered Nurse, and it took me a few months to connect the dots and figure out that I have EHS and the smart meter pulses initiated my symptoms. Even after Stetzer Filters, canopy and shielding materials, and supplementation, I am still having tinnitus, headaches, and insomnia when not shielded. I bought an RF analyzer and apparently there are multiple mast signals entering my house at low levels. I believe the cumulative levels of these exposures is alarmingly unhealthy for myself, my husband (who has occasional sleeplessness), and my 2 year old daughter (who I am terrified about after seeing the correlation between EMF's and childhood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma). I am now also having pelvic pain and am most sure something is happening with my uterus. I currently have no health insurance, so am going to have to pay for a pelvic ultrasound to get an official diagnosis. I am feeling a tightness/fullness in my neck and am also concerned about my thyroid gland. Apparently, EMF's affect the pineal gland and therefore lower the amount of melatonin secreted by that gland. I was surprised to learn that melatonin plays a significant role in both uterine and thyroid health. Therefore, I am now taking a melatonin supplement and have just given a saliva sample to test my baseline melatonin level and see if I am deficient (also paid for without insurance). I feel extremely isolated and marginalized by the community in which I live. My husband and mother both think that I am simply making the symptoms up, or that they are psychosomatic in nature. The condition seems very hard to grasp for people who do not hear the ringing, have the headaches or the sleeplessness, and even when people do have these symptoms (I have talked to a few), they are blaming their symptoms on other factors and are not observant enough to see or research that EMF's may be affecting them. I am moving next month to a brick house in a nearby neighborhood without any measurable RF signals (yet). I plan to shield the windows as well, and save up to buy a country home where I can be comfortable. I have been seeing lately that there is a link between toxicity and electrohypersensitivity, and also autoimmune/multiple chemical sensitivities and the like, so I am drinking two detox teas hoping to keep my liver, kidneys, and other excretion mechanisms healthy. I am drinking a homemade juice daily to increase my antioxidant and overall health.
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