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Wireless Smart Meters ElectroSensitivity, Michigan, USA USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Lisa Created: 25 Feb 2013 Updated: 25 Feb 2013 Viewed: 7559 time(s)
Four 3-watt wireless smart meters installed December 1, 2012, health problems began there after. Three of the four meters were removed on January 23, 2013, symptoms decreased. Weeks after the final meter was replaced with analog on February 5, 2013, heart palpitations undetectable for three days, slight headache, and tinnitus remains. Seeking to relocate family as soon as possible.
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My Story Created: 25 Feb 2013
I remember years ago scoffing after hearing about a man in Europe becoming a hermit after claiming he was 'allergic' to cell phones. I'm no longer scoffing, I have become that man.

Beginning in early December of 2012, I began experiencing periodic tachycardia upon waking, this lasted anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. Soon after, my heart gave off a single and sharp irregular beat during the day. This anomaly occurred with more frequency in the following days and weeks, as did the tachycardia. Concurrent with heart abnormalities, a pressure in my head began and continued to build, constant pressure, undulating but unrelenting, and growing daily in severity. It was unlike the occasional headache I have experienced in the past where the slightest movement produced a pounding sensation. This headache consisted of a pressure over my entire skull with a tingling sensation on my scalp.

I thought perhaps I was succumbing to holiday stress, though I didn't feel stressed. I entertained the idea it might be something much worse, but I did what many people do, I tried to ignore what I was feeling and hoped it would just pass. I am 41 years old, a mother of four, a stay-at-home parent, exercising regularly and eating healthy, not over-weight, no chronic illnesses, take no medications, can't remember the last time being in bed sick. Prior to December, I was very happy and healthy.

Tinnitus eventually accompanied the headache, first noticeable at night. I have never before had ringing in my ears. I attributed this ringing to my inability to fall asleep, though I truly did not feel tired. I actually felt energized, or excited. For as many years as I can recount, I am normally lethargic by the end of the day, frequently yawning, have no trouble going to sleep nor staying asleep until morning. My sleep became increasingly more restless, waking one to four times a night, with the total number of hours slept shortening as weeks passed. I also began experiencing sharp piercing pains emanated in and around my ears. At first, I thought possibly pustules were forming. I had one years ago, and it felt similar. These pains occurred with more frequency in time without any blemishes appearing or ear infections present. I also became increasingly unable to fully concentrate on tasks and experienced occasional confusion.

During Christmas break, our children, between the ages of three and eight years of age, whom played often and slept on occasion near and around our Christmas tree which was positioned on the interior wall of our living room directly behind electrical metering devices, placing the children within a two to fifteen foot radius for many hours of the day and night for a period of approximately two weeks, began complaining of headaches, earaches, and stomachaches. Our youngest child suffered increasingly impaired hearing. Our middle child suffered two nose bleeds. Occasional squabbles became many during this time period. Our children appeared to be more energetic. Very often, their faces became ruddy. I witnessed abnormal sleep patterns, insomnia/restlessness.

My husband also experience problems sleeping. He complained of chest pains on two different occasions and has maintained a rash on the interior of both elbows.

I had also began experiencing sharp pains in my lower abdomen from time to time, lasting minutes to hours. By late December, my earaches and tinnitus were accompanied by a popping sensation, the same sensation that occurs in one's ears when traveling between various altitudes. This occurred with more and more frequency over subsequent days. My bowel movements had also became irregular in timing and consistency. All family members had begun experiencing daily flatulence. My zest for life faded.

It was near the end of December when my husband and I became aware our electric utility had installed four 3-watt wireless digital meters on our residence December 1, 2012, citing the notation at the bottom of the current bill. (Our home was previously a duplex, has a metal roof, and sits a hundred yards from our closest neighbors.) At that time, I did not have any knowledge of the mechanisms by which this technology works, nor was I aware of any possible health consequences. It was by chance that I later decided to learn more about ‘smart meters,’ and upon doing so, discovered person after person reporting identical symptoms to myself and my family where wireless smart meters have been implemented. Even so, I wasn't totally convinced this was the cause for my ill health, our ill health.

An EKG revealed no heart palpitations, and I did not feel any when it was administered. I had blood taken, aside from a slightly elevated chloride reading of 109, results were normal. We had checked our furnace, CO2 monitors, and gas lines.

From late December 2012 and into January 2013, my family and I experienced a continued influx of health problems, but especially for me. I had tachycardia upon waking each morning. I also woke during the night periodically to additional occurrences of tachycardia. During the day, my palpitations occurred with continued increasing frequency until I no longer experienced a normal beating of my heart, maintaining a constant arrhythmia. Lying down to sleep, I would experience tingling and numbing sensations in my hand and feet, and was aware of palpitations with some unusually long periods between beats. I would frequently ask my husband to listen to my heart. Oftentimes when I closed my eyes, I would see bright white flashes every few seconds which made me feel nauseous. This was accompanied by the severe pressure in my head, tingling of my scalp, tinnitus and popping sensations, earaches in and around my ears, and a growing pressure on my chest. The energy that I had experienced in December ceased and was replaced by lethargy. My eyes often watered. My menstruation cycle began weeks later than should have occurred. My previous cycles have always been normal and thus, highly predictable. I gained five pounds. My lower abdomen and the entire surface of my back itch, profusely. Blemishes appeared over the surface of my back, up the sides and back of my neck, and on my face, but not on or around my ears. My face and hands begun to swell after having slept. Not only have our children had difficulty concentrating and staying on task, I need to reread passages of text many times. I have forgotten important obligations and tasks--recently forget to pick my children up from the bus stop, and went to pick them up when they were staying after school.

Our middle child gives cause for us to believe she is depressed, often ‘wailing’ for many minutes over an incidence like the popping of a balloon she had been playing with. She normally does not cry, has never wailed. This is occurring daily. The high occurrence of squabbling/irritability has continued. While I am normally able to tract the health of my children by their breath, bad breath indicating they will become sick or are sick, they are all suffering extreme halitosis continuously and consistently, no matter how many times they brush.

With one of the four wireless smart meters placed on an obsolete box (second water heater), we scheduled its removal, the first available appointment January 23, 2013. It was during this month when I began driving outside the area whenever possible, realizing my ailments subsided and often cease. My heart would calm, my ears would quiet, and my headache would lessen, but with each subsequent week, this relief was longer in coming until it no longer came within the few hours I was able to leave our house. Prior to the service call, my husband and I decided to remove our water heater from its separate meter, an interruptible meter which offers a reduced rate of almost half the current kilowatt charge, and added it to the downstairs breaker box, thereby eliminating a second meter. After further discussion, we decided to turn off electricity on one floor completely to eliminate a third meter.

When three of the four 3-watt wireless smart meters were removed on January 23, 2013 from our residence, my previously described symptoms lessened considerably within a few hours. My doubt vanished. That night and the following morning, I did not experience tachycardia and have not been aware of any episodes of tachycardia until recently which have diminished intensity. I have spent the weeks since my 'discovery' learning about the possible mechanisms causing my body to react this way, but I also understand that while I physically react to these meters, they affect everyone. On January 26th, I purchased an analog meter. The palpitations, which had lessened slightly in frequency and considerably in severity, slowing continued accelerating again in both aspects, accompanied by the other described afflictions. Outside of our home, I have become especially aware of being near a wireless digital meter, within or near an area where digital meters are employed due to the almost immediate and continuous popping of my ears, a dull pain in or around my ears, my headache increases in pressure, and my heart begins to beat harder with more abnormality.

A trip to the emergency room, prompted by continuous and severe heart palpitations, offered more tests with no explanation. I refused admittance for observation, the environment there was just as bad, if not worse, than being at home. That night I slept at a family member's house without a smart meter, seeking relief. I had a hard time returning home the next day. After urinating in my bed days later, on top of all the other things I have continued to experience, I removed the remaining meter the following afternoon on February 5, 2013, felony or not. I have never before in my adult life urinated while asleep. Our state is to announce in March whether or not our utility company can offer an 'opt-out' plan which carries fees. I cannot wait until March or whenever this plan will be available. I thought I could. My husband works for our utility company. I do not want him to loose his job, our livelihood.

In the weeks since the removal of the last digital meter, my headaches and earaches/popping/tinnitus have slowly quieted, unless I travel from our home. Though lacking in the intensity felt prior to the removal of three digital meters, I have once again become aware of periodic episodes of tachycardia during the night and upon waking. I question whether my heart will ever find its normal rhythm again, or maybe it will just give up and stop.

Having placed numerous phone calls, a filed complaint, and additional calls, our utility has refused to acknowledge any health problems associated with digital meters, nor the experiences suffered by myself and my family, nor will our utility honor my request in providing safety testing documentation, nor my request to replace any digital meters with analog meters. I have proposed to ‘opt-out’ immediately and pay service fees retroactive, as we wait for the state’s decision. "They're safe,"I have been continuously told. Complete and utter bullshit!

The detrimental health effects of EMF exposure on humans and animals have been well documented, for decades. While I may have been ignorant, as is the general public still, I don't believe 'the decision makers' were oblivious to this information for a minute.

Quickly becoming a self-imposed prison, it is painfully obvious we will not be able to remain at our residence, close to our family, people we love dearly, a community we cherish, unless I wish to continue on this downward spiral to what I can only guess will eventually result in my end. My family has lived in this area since immigrating over one hundred years ago. All through our town, these wireless smart meters are transmitting RF bursts continuously 24 hours per day 7 days a week every few seconds. I cannot take my children to school without 'feeling' these meters, and I hate taking them to school being vividly aware that doing so increases their exposure as well. My tinnitus remains most noticeable at night. The force of my palpitations have lessened considerably, but the constant arrhythmia has only, within the last few days, become undetectable unless traveling from our home. A good day is when I do not need to leave.

Deployment and implementation of such devices continues worldwide. Biologically-based public exposure standards for chronic exposure to low-intensity exposures are warranted. Existing safety standards are obsolete as they are based solely on thermal effects from acute exposures. I am further sickened by the depravity within mankind.

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