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Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Georgie Created: 25 Sep 2005 Updated: 21 Oct 2006 Viewed: 6158 time(s)
Georgie has travelled 14,000 miles to escape electromagnetic fields.
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Medical report Re: Mrs. Georgette Hyslop Created: 21 Oct 2006
Mrs. Hyslop consulted me on 16th May 2006 in connection with her illness/disability.

Mrs. Hyslop is suffering from electro-magnetic hypersensitivity, which is now more commonly known as electro-sensitivity.
This is a condition which appears to have become more prevalent in recent years, probably due to the increasing use of electro-magnetic communication. There is therefore more exposure to electromagnetic fields than previously.

**My Background**
I am basically an orthodox medical practitioner but for the last twenty years have specialized in complementary medicine, and in particular environmental medicine. I have a specific interest in health effects of electro-magnetic fields, and published the first study of the health effects of electro-magnetic fields (from power lines) in 1984. Few doctors in the UK recognise the condition, and I think it is probably reasonable to say that I have seen more cases than any other doctor in the country.

**The fundamental Concept of Electro-Sensitivity**
In the UK until recently the National Radiological Protection Board has set limits exposure to electro-magnetic fields which are allowed, but these have always been set at levels which are known to be toxic to everyone.
Iit is becoming clear that these field strengths are extremely high and that demonstrable effects occur at much lower levels in more sensitive individuals. It is rather similar to some patients who react to lower levels of exposure to allergens such as house dust which do not effect the majority of the population. In addition it is becoming clear that the levels previously set by the NRPB may well be significantly higher than ideal as the permitted level of exposure in some countries (notably Switzerland and parts of Italy) are one hundred times lower than the British levels.

In some countries, notably Sweden, electro sensitivity is recognised by the authorities, and funding has been made available to assist sufferers in the management of their condition.

**The Symptoms of Electro-sensitivity**
Most patients with electro-sensitivity complain of disorders of the nervous system. These can be headaches, fatigue, impaired thinking with impaired concentration and poor memory. In addition there can be alteration of visual acuity, hearing ability and occasional skin rashes. Less common symptoms are altered heart function. and pain. Usually the patient has realised that these symptoms occur within the vicinity of equipment producing electro-magnetic fields.

**The Diagnoses of Electro-Sensitivity**
At present there are no facilities in the UK for the diagnostic testing of electro-sensitive patients. The necessary equipment is an electro-magnetically screened room (so called Faraday Cage) into which no external electro-magnetic fields can penetrate. The patient is placed in the room and exposed by means of oscillators to known electro-magnetic frequencies and at specific strengths and demonstrable symptoms can be reproduced.
As no such diagnostic facility exists in the UK the diagnosis of electro-sensitivity has to be based on the patient’s symptoms.

**Mrs. Hyslop’s Sympoms**
The symptoms which Mrs. Hyslop has experienced have included:
1. Chest pain
2. Abnormal heart rhythm
3. Facial rash
4. Fatigue
5. Mrs. Hyslop has an Implanted spinal stimulator, which malfunctions.

Mrs. Hysiop suffered a major electrical shodc in 1998 and first noticed the symptoms shortly after. Often heavy electrical exposure sensitises patients to EM fields, so this experience is significant Also Mrs. Hyslop was exposed by her occupation as a radar operator in the R.A.F.

She has had to adjust her lifestyle to cope with her condition in that she has moved to various locations to try to find an environment with low exposure, and she avoids being in the proximity of electrical items. She has noticed that she particularly reacts to radar, overhead power-lines, mobile phone masts and cordless telephones, so particularly avoids these when aware of their presence.
Mrs. Hyslop has now obtained meters to detect electro-magnetic fields of various strengths and she is trying to avoid the areas where these are highest. In addition she has been advised to obtain some material, produced in Switzerland, which shields electro-magnetic fields, and to use this in her home to try and give her a degree of protection.

Dr. David Dowson M.D., Ch.B.
Dr. David Dowson M.B., Ch.B. Dip.Med.Ac.
Environmental and Complementary Medicine
Rooms in Bath, Reading & London
The Old Ship. 548 Bath Road
Saltford. BRISTOL BS31 3JL
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12th June 2006
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To Whom it May Concern: Re: Mrs. Georgette Hyslop Created: 10 Oct 2006
Please put this testament on your site.
Both myself and my husband have also seen this with Georgie.
She offered to go and be part of the testing of the phones at Sussex but they would not take her as they thought it would be dangerous for her.
She is totaly proveable and the effects can be demonstrated easily.

To Whom it May Concern 25.06.05
Re: Mrs. Georgette Hyslop, 3 Armstrong Buildings, Rothbury.

My name is Leigh Smyth; I am a Registered Nurse, and was visiting Mrs. Hyslop on personal business, on the 31 .05.05, and below is an account of what I witnessed on that day.

When I arrived to see Mrs. Hyslop, at around 15.30 she appeared to be fine, her face was a normal colour, and she seemed relaxed. While we were chatting, her neighbour from no. 6 came in, distressed as she had had an incident with a number of intruders in her home.

We helped calm the lady, called the police, then went to her home with her. Mrs. Hyslop was asked to telephone the lady’s GP to make an emergency appointment; she did so using a cordless phone. I was surprised and shocked to see that Mrs. Hyslop’s face became red in the area where she had held the phone.

When the police officer arrived, Sgt Dranagher, no 2116, his communication system (TETRA) was making a background noise; Mrs. Hyslop’s face and ears had become a dark red colour, apparently as a result of exposure. So she asked him if he could turn it off, which he did. The time by now was approximately 16.40.

When we returned to Mrs. Hyslop’s home. I was interested to know what her blood pressure reading was, so we checked it using a digital reader; it was 214/109.

I left Mrs. Hyslop at 19.30 and the red colouration in her face was just beginning to subside, she described the feeling as being like a burn.
I am in no doubt whatsoever that the reaction shown by Mrs. Hyslop was as a direct result of being exposed to a cordless phone, and the police radio. We had not anticipated this turn of events, otherwise I would have suggested testing her BP earlier, then after the events to see if there was a difference.

Yours Sincerely

Leigh Smyth, (Ms) Registered Nurse, B.A.(Hons ) Nursing Practice.

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NE19 1TS
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e-mail: leigh@essentialsforequilihrium .com
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I was forced out of my home as it was surrounded by phone masts and once a Tetra mast was installed it became unbearable. Created: 25 Sep 2005
GEORGIE HYSLOP, 63, fled her home in Largs, Ayrshire, five years ago and has travelled 14,000 miles to escape electromagnetic fields.

She claims to have been affected by what locals call the 'Largs Hum' - an unexplained low frequency noise.

Georgie, a former radar operator, was given a metal spinal implant to repair an injured back after a skiing accident.
But the implant turns her into a human aerial whenever she is near a mast or pylon.

She gets headaches, nausea, nose bleeds, loss of feeling in her arms and legs, pains in her chest and a burning sensation on her face.

She said: "I was forced out of my home as it was surrounded by phone masts and once a Tetra mast was installed it became unbearable.
My spinal column stimulator makes me like an aerial, so I'm affected by anything which transmits electricity.
Tetra masts are the worst.

"Mobile phones and cordless phones make my face burn up, just like sunburn, for days.

"As a Royal Air Force radar operator I must have been exposed to radio waves at such doses my body can't cope with any amount now.
"I spent four years working with radar and now I can't even use a telephone without feeling ill
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