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EHS/EMF Heart palpitations and wifi sensitivity USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Lisa Created: 1 Jun 2016 Updated: 1 Jun 2016 Viewed: 5353 time(s)
Large electric tower 86 feet away from my apartment
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my story Created: 1 Jun 2016
I had been getting sicker and sicker for years ....not knowing what was causing it. Long story short major amounts of dirty electricity coming off large tower 86 feet away from my apartment. I have massive headaches, brain fog, Supra ventricular tachycardia when wi-fi or strong electric currents are around me my heart accelerates up to 300 Beats per minute . I need to call ambulance to convert me ( basically kill me and bring me back) I have gall bladder issues stomach issues, pain, lots of pain, and so many other things....What I have found that helps:
Acupuncture- first time I went it was like 80 pounds of bricks coming off my head
Organic Sulfur - this helps with rebuilding your cells getting more oxygen in and stomach problems and taking heavy metals out
Apple cider Vinegar- taste awful but helps with stomach issues and your immune system and taking heavy metals out
Alive multi vitamin to get good stuff back in
Probiotic with 85 billion live cultures and 33 strains
I wear a piece of cloth I purchased from the swiss sheid company and wear that tied around my head night and day //////it does NOT block everything but does help considerably
Earthing- i ground myself as much as possible
I have no issues talking to and responding back to anyone with these problems. I know how tough it is to have a conversation with anyone else about it they think you need to put on your tinfoil hat and go away.....
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