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Severe Poisoning Update and Suggestions for Self-Help USA
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Annette Mills Created: 13 Apr 2017 Updated: 14 Apr 2017 Viewed: 6394 time(s)
Annette Mills Update of Cell Phone Mast Poisoning/Experiences and Suggestions on how you can help yourself....somewhat.
Educate yourself and know that You are not alone.
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Update of previous listing Created: 13 Apr 2017
Update from my previous filing. ...(see Annette Mills ) poisoned in Germany 2006-07, moved to California 2009. Forced to leave 2 homes in east bay to find more rural area not bombarded by radiation from towers/antenna/neighbors. Last updated previous filing 2012.
Our family moved from city, as i could not take living in a faraday cage anymore. We found a rural area that was safe, and husband and i lived separately so i could recover my health without being in a cage. Then,
2012, bout with cancer put life on hold. Recovered. (to be continued)
As we live in a rural town, for the first couple of years it was quite easy to live normal. I felt normal. Away from pulsed microwave radiation, one is able to heal to an extent, feeling normal...healthy. When one is put in a situation of radiation, then you get symptoms. I wish it was mental, then i could just know i was crazy and bend beyond it....but it is not. I wish the symptoms were always the same, then i could pre-medicate,,,but they aren't.
When i am in a radiation situation, like when in a "big box" store, i can get tunnel vision, confusion, thick tongued, anxious and confused. I could not find my car in a parking lot though it was right in front of the exit door. I am lost, frustrated and scared. Once i was in line at a sandwich shop and i lost motor control and fell to the ground like a rag doll. I could not speak ...or even string together words to form a coherent thought. I could not think of the words "there" or "hungry" or or...anything. I was empty. I had gotten zapped again and it was so scary. My husband was scared. Nothing to do about it but make sure we were away from the source.
The FIRST thing to do if you believe you have EHS, is clean up your own home. Make sure there are no wireless devices in your bedroom. If you have a smart meter on your home, make sure your bedroom is the farthest room from it, (if you can't have a digital meter put in). As hands free phones have huge amounts of radiation, have given us the highest readings on our meter, i would suggest getting land line corded phones. (very important). Get wired printers/routers. Wire your computer. (my computer is how i must shop now for most things) Get rid of wireless in your home. It should be your sanctuary.
SECOND, and so important, is get a good radiation meter. (amazon or This is important so that you can see which areas you can and can not be in, BEFORE you get ill. Also, it gives you a way to verify that the symptoms you are feeling ARE related to your surrounding and not because you forgot to eat or you need to drink more water....(Amazingly, EMF's are not always the first thing i think of when i start feeling ill )
THIRD, get a metalized piece of headgear. The last thing you want to do if find yourself stuck in traffic among people all with their phones on, or by repeaters, or by an auto with it's own 3000 square foot "hot spot". Get protection for emergencies, then carry it around with you always.
Fourth,,,don't you be your own worst enemy....Do Not use a cell phone in a car, as the vehicle acts like a faraday cage and your phone has to ramp up it's radiation/power to 'talk' with the tower....get out of your vehicle. Same thing if you are in an area with poor reception, the phone must ramp up to scream to the tower to be heard. Also, turn your phone off when not in use....or don't use one unless you have a flat tire, like me. Be bold enough to ask those around you to turn their phones And many people don't know how to do that. Amazing.
With the meter, you will find that there are many places you should not enter, or be real real quick if you do.
It became extremely difficult to visit my doctor. My doctor had to believe, as i was informed and taught them. ...but the hospital and exam rooms have huge amounts of wireless and radiation. I had to gown up in my 'headgear" in order to stay sane enough to last the exam. (One of the symptoms is 'fight or flight') We took the radiation meters to the hospital and with the building manager, walked around and found a room with very low EMF's and had the exam there.

The best thing you can do for yourself, is avoidance of radiation, as this is 'radiation sickness" (and has been know since the 1940's).
There are so many repeaters on the freeways nowadays, that i became ill before arriving at our, we found out that there is a window tinting made for the CIA/FBI...for anti-eaves dropping. We had that put on our vehicle and it brought the EMF's down considerably, but still not to zero in some areas. I have purchased metalized clothing. Google "EMF protective clothing", also sold at "" Helps some.
I had little business card sized information, i made and ordered, stating EHS definition, EHS symptoms, and listing links to more info on. With this, i can be somewhere, and if i must leave in a hurry, i can hand this out and hope the person i was interacting with,,,understands...or doesn't. I don't care if someone doesn't believe anymore. Sounds mean, but , good....fry yourself. I am already there. Just turn your F'n phone off around me, or i have to leave. This sometimes means leaving food i was going to purchase , on the counter and running away. Or, if we happen to find a cafe without wifi, our food must be put in a To-Go container. Or, if we happen to find a bar without wifi, we must leave our beer on the counter and run.

You never really have control over how much radiation you get, as your neighbors all have wireless. Talk with them. Maybe like us, you have wonderful neighbors willing to 'get wired'. We paid for one neighbors "wired" xbox, as i was feeling it from our home. It worked out well...they had their xbox and i was out of the cage again. Just ask. A "no" won't make it any worse than it was.,,,and not everyone believes that there is such a thing as EHS. It is OK. It is not our job to make believers out of everyone...but you should know all you can about your illness. Educate yourself. (Did you know that radiation and many devices were developed as a weapon of war?)
So, we have people calling and asking us to help them 'clean' up their homes from radiation, and we go their with our meters and advice. There are some that are not sensitive to radiation, but dirty electricity, and so we also bring Stetzer meters and Stetzerizers, to see if their home is 'dirty' in the electrical sense. My husband has helped people build them selves a "faraday" cage, as REM sleep is so so important.
go to "you tube" "Sleep Inside A Faraday Cage" for instructions.

So, there are not many places i can go to anymore. I feel cloistered. No more concerts, no more pubs, no more meeting girlfriends at the cafe or friends out for dinner. I can no longer go to the library. I must buy my books online. It is painful to grocery shop, get gas in the car. There is not much i can do anymore, or places i can go. The rural little town we live in now has wifi/EMF/antenna on many store roofs and in the post office to grocery stores...everywhere. It looks like we must move once again as a tower will be going in shortly, and they are also going to put in 5G. LookOut !.
Please, clean up your home before you take a doctors prescription for something that might be gotten rid of as easily as removing a phone from your bedside. U.S. doctors are not trained in radiation sickness EHS. European doctors are. Educate yourself.
Best of Luck, and i am sorry this has happened to you. You are not alone. (scientists estimate that 50% of people will have EHS by 2020)
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