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Civil Rights and Liberties Violations USA
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Kaleigh Created: 21 Nov 2017 Updated: 21 Nov 2017 Viewed: 5973 time(s)
Former government employee with five year history of electronics abuse.
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The Awakening Created: 21 Nov 2017
The worst part of being a victim of electronics is that no one believes you. For the past five years I reported the use of surveillance/harassment equipment that appears to be targeted at me but no one has ever responded. I believe the individuals responsible were trained in the UK for acoustic/sonic, Radio Frequency (RF), microwave, Voice-to-Skull (V2K), targeted sonic disruption using bio tags as markers, all user controlled via a cell phone tower. I reported that I can hear a sound that is a high-pitched buzzing that no one else can hear and that I can prove with the use of a RF detector a friend gave me that was made in Sweden. I live in Minnesota where a cell phone tower appeared across the street from my home at about the time the symptoms began of nausea, extreme fatigue, headaches, confusion, brain fog, pain everywhere in my body that appeared overnight without warning including the change of a lump appearing in my right eye, asthma, and arthritis. Someone is using sound to control my life (acoustic attacks). The low range frequencies cause the nausea and headaches where the high-pitched sounds create a sense of fear, hysteria, and anger. I have also tested some vehicles driving past my home emitting these sounds that create heart flutters that I started to track. My life has been put through living hell because I had no idea what was happening to me. I will swear for all time this appears to be targeted because no one else in the room with me can hear or feel any of the affects. It appears that my entire home is emitting sound that I can only find one source, the cell phone tower across the street installed in a church lot. While I am sure the church is getting kickbacks for housing the tower creating the problems for me, I also stopped by and let them know what was happening to me as a result of their tower with no change or concern for the agony it inflicts on me.There are days where it feels like there is a 1K pound brick on my head pushing me down into the floor.

I am very grateful for this website. For years I suspected I wasn’t the only one that suffered as a result of electronic surveillance and the extreme civil rights violations associated with the poison emitted from the tower, drive-by, and in-home acoustic, magnetic, and electrical all-singing-and-dancing household. Thank you to all for sharing your stories because it has also given me reassurance that I am not hearing voices from beyond (as some have suggested) and the courage to continue to fight back against this kind of personal assault that an invisible perpetrator can use to terrify and terrorize me.
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