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Cell Phone Tower in Phoenix, AZ USA
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Jim Created: 20 Sep 2018 Updated: 30 Oct 2018 Viewed: 5812 time(s)
On or about February 19, 2004, Sprint entered a hearing with the City of Phoenix, Arizona for zoning of a cell phone tower approximately 20 feet from my property and work area. At that hearing, they assured the City and everyone, including me, that the tower would be totally safe. The permit was granted even after I explained that my business partner had a pace maker, and it is a well-known fact that the cell towers interfere with pace makers. Shortly after it was built, my partner had to leave the business due to the cell tower shutting off his pace maker. His doctor told him to stay away from cell towers, which is what caused it to quit working.<br />
Since the tower has been there, I have been experiencing severe fatigue, headaches and other physical problems. In December 2016, they installed more equipment on the tower, as they have done many times before and since then. Shortly after the December 2016 installation, I noticed I was losing my hair; by January 2017 – in less than 30 days – I had lost every hair on my body. Shortly after that I noticed they put a sign on the gate in front of the tower, which states “Unsafe for Human Exposure”. I feel now I am losing my memory ability too. What’s next?
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Update Created: 30 Oct 2018
I went in for a EKG July 6 2018. Sense the last visit the reading had dropped about 50% . I went in again 3 weeks later and the reading was normal. I believe the cell phone tower is causing this fluctuation.
As I say what&#039;s next? Somebody needs to do something about these cell phone towers. Hopefully while I&#039;m still alive.
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