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On The Run From Wireless USA
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
Author: Jeff Created: 29 Oct 2018 Updated: 29 Oct 2018 Viewed: 5070 time(s)
I have been on the run from wireless radiation for over 10 years seeking refuge from the escalating density of RF/EMFs, by 2020 its looking there will be no place left to gomin the USA.
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My Story Created: 29 Oct 2018
I get assaulted wirelessly and U.S. laws against assault do not yet apply in this scenario here in New York. To date I have been surviving with endless strategies I have learned and or self-taught to reduce oxidative stress to get out of the line of attack with wireless radiation. In my experience in every place I have lived and in New York there is no official understanding/acceptance of microwave sickness and or electrosensitivity (EHS) in government and conventional medicine, specifically the physiological, psychological and/or biological components that explain endless symptoms, so I have been on my own using cause and effect to learn how to address the impairment/suffering.

Because of that reality there is no understanding in that system so there is no validated diagnostic criteria for microwave sickness aka EHS. As a result I understand that working within the perimeters of conventional medicine it is only possible to define microwave sickness on the basis of self-reporting and that is dismissed as wrong and or delusion by medical professionals.

Frequencies from screens and the radiation from wireless devices that make me ill in multiple ways are tied to the biophysics screens/devices employ. Its my experience people think its crazy or conspiracy theory that I can painfully feel RF and EMF’s and that mindset blinds them to the truth. It has been my experience with every doctor I have used, the risks/symptoms they were taught in medical school and or shown in the DSM is all they understand, so they are only capable of understanding the secondary effects.

I began to join the dots and relate odd symptoms to EMF radiation 20 years ago. In an effort to continue to earn a living, I had found ways/strategies to continue. Up until 2004 this was still easily doable, because I was able (increasingly at considerable effort and expense) to EMF and Wi-Fi-proof my homes, and workplaces eventually moving to Costa Rica in 2007, onto a boat in Long Island in 2015. I have been on the run from wireless radiation for over 10 years seeking refuge from the escalating density of RF/EMFs.

I have given up finding permanent residence in a country now filled with overlapping radiofrequency and pulsed microwave technologies, where exactly can I get away? Where is it safe? For now its on my boat. With my bank account drained I rely on the kindness of friends and family now in 2018 to survive. I really am at my wits' end to earn a living.

Obviously I have no social life and can no longer go to parties, coffee shops or pubs because of Wi-Fi, access points and cellphones. I can no longer be an activist trying to awaken people to the RF/EMF situation. Even going to beaches are increasingly impossible now saturated in wifi, an activity I always loved because the air, water and ions always made me feel great. Everywhere there is complete lack of awareness and understanding of what EHS means for the suffering individual. I’ve discovered a network of EHS people of all ages online since 2014 who have been forced to leave their entire reality, including myself, to go off the grid in order to survive.

Everyone wants proof and when I present the hard evidence; from meter readings that give me a rapid fever to 20+ thousand international, peer-reviewed studies, papers and case studies on the harmful biological effects of RF/EMFs, nobody will acknowledge truth. As each year passes getting zapped wirelessly increasingly/more rapidly due to increasing density causes me tinnitus, fever, migraine and psychological influence resulting in drifting thoughts, lack of thoughts, inability to function, confusion and movements that not correspond to desires ( pushing wrong buttons, flicking switches the wrong way, not knowing which way to turn a screw, confused with diagnosing/fixing things that are elementary to me, unable to read, write, understand text, getting lost etc.). All of that is directly caused from my interaction with the increasing density of wireless radiation everywhere.

The profound and unavoidable psychological effects occur secondary to dealing with this chronic illness, NOT the other way around. My symptoms are based on dose, frequencies and duration of RF/EMF intensity, and diminish ONLY with distance and or shielding from the offending sources. And to add insult to the mounting injury coinciding with deployment/density, what I have found is ALL my symptoms are broadly framed as being psychosomatic by the U.S. government, medical establishment and wireless industry while at the same time have a long 60+ year established history of being physical.

The mechanisms by which these widespread harmful impacts are occurring in the body debunk all statements of “no known mechanism” industry, the medical establishment and Federal government use to deny effects. FCC exposure guidelines are based solely on thermal effects making them useless to help me.

Despite my profound physical and material losses, I have nonetheless found purpose within understanding this condition, sharing coping strategies, and truth. Just have not found employment helping others with this where I am uniquely qualified. Through living through this it pushed me into researching the reasons for this and it led me to places I could have never imagined. This is the result:
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