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My cell Phone Story United Kingdom
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
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Hi, my name is Peter and for the past 20 years I have been suffering severe symptoms of microwave sensitivities
Here is my story.
Hello, I want to tell you a story about how cell tower/cell phone/Wi-Fi/etc. radiation wrecked my life. My name is Peter, and for most of the nineties I enjoyed my analogue cell phone without any problem. In 1999 I started a new job driving a HGV truck all over the east of Scotland, and at first I used my [ANALOGUE] phone for keeping in touch with the work's base. Three months later the company decided to supply all drivers with new mobile phones which I was very happy about as I was getting the use of a free phone, but unfortunately this did not last very long. After receiving my brand new [DIGITAL CELL PHONE] I was delighted as we were allowed to use it for our own use. Then about six months , later I answered the phone and when I put it to my right ear [ a very hard to explain electronic ting Ely feeling ] soared into my eardrum, leaving the right side of my head with a burning sensation, followed by a sore head, and I shouted out [ what the f*** was that. ] So I then put it to my left ear and nothing happened, so I continued with the call. After I finished the call I sat there thinking over what had just happened. I decided to make another call to see if would happen again, to my horror it sure did. After that if I held it to my right ear this sensation happened every time, but when I put it to my left ear everything was fine, so I could only use the phone with my left ear. Then about two weeks later my left ear started to do the same as my right making it impossible for me to use the phone. I then bought a hands free kit, and that did the trick, so I thought the problem about phone use was fixed by using the hands free, but nothing could have been further from the truth, [ my problems were only just starting ]. I had to stop using the phone and I kept in touch with my works base by using a pay phone, and I did this for some time then I was pulled in front of boss and asked why I was not using the phone, as they had trouble contacting me at short notice. I then told him the information above, he then gave me a look, you know the one that suggests I had horns sticking out of my head, and he did not believe a word I told him. He then said [we have given the same phone to over 200 of our drivers and I was the only one that had any complaints,] and get back to work and use the phone or I would get a written warning. So being forced into using the phone I was becoming more and more sensitive to the magnetic frequencies radiated by the phone. It is really hard to explain what started to happen next. Going back to the first problem with [the electronic ting Ely feeling in my right ear,[ when another symptom started, for example,[ it then went to my right ear, ] it always stayed there, and the sensitivity seemed to charge up within me. After this my anxiety levels went through the roof and if I had an argument with anyone the anxiety would kick in and I would lose control and would verbally abuse them going way over the top with what I shouted at them, and when I calmed down I got depressed for what I had said, and would not be able to sleep that night with the feeling of guilt it left me with.The anxiety levels I suffer IS caused by the magnetic frequencies from the phone and other microwave transmitters, and take it from me, this is one million per cent the case, as before this all happened I was laid back and quite easy going, but now I am like A time bomb ready to go off. I take medication for this which helps me keep control. So being forced into using phone by the threat of the sack, the sensitivity increased. If I was in a shop or supermarket I would feel the sensitivity starting within me and I knew that someone within six feet was on a cell phone, and looking behind me there would be someone on a cell phone. When driving the truck between pickups I kept the phone at the very back of the truck, and I would check for messages at the next pickup and deal with them, and this seemed solve the problem of not using the phone. When I was driving in the countryside, it was really soothing to feel the sense of relief of the sensitivity that was always there in the background I got in built up areas, the only downside to driving in the countryside was I would driving along feeling great and the hypersensitivity would very slowly kick in getting stronger by the second, and low and behold over the next hill was a cell phone MAST, and when passing it all the symptoms would kick in leaving me feeling unwell, and after I drove past the mast the symptoms went away by the second. So by this time I knew I could detect phones and masts without knowing they were there. The final nail in the coffin, [so to speak,] was when I was going to a pickup at South Gayle Industrial Estate in Edinburgh, I stopped at the snack bar for my break, the hypersensitivity,[ which is always simmering within me,] started to get really bad, and this was the
worse attack than I had ever experienced before, my phone was still tucked away safely in the back so I knew it wasn't that. At this point I said to myself there must be A powerful mast nearby, so I tried to take it on the chin and get on with things, so I started up the truck, and when I turned the first corner [THERE IT WAS,] not a mast, but Telewest's[ Now Virgin Media ] main transmitting and receiving base, and bang in front of it was five satellite disks at least five meters in diameter,[Five Times Larger Than The Normal Satellite Dish. The sensitivity from these dishes was so intense that when I spoke to the customer at my pickup point, I began stuttering very badly, and a high pitched sound ran through my ears, leaving me with a very bad headache. When the customer saw the distress I was in he asked what the matter was, and when I got myself together and told him what had just happened when driving past the satellite dishes, and all the other problems I was having relating to my hypersensitivity to magnetic radiation, I got the usual response I always get when I try to tell someone about my problem, and I put my hand up to my forehead to make sure I did not have a horn sticking out of it. Well things were so bad I had to go to the doctors. When I told him what was happening to me about the hypersensitivity and the distress I was suffering, he said to me “don’t be stupid it can’t be anything to do with the cell phone, because it was never proven that it did harm to anyone”, and I said to him right back, “well doctor can you tell me when it was proven to be safe,” I am still waiting for an answer from him to this day, and that was 16 years ago. I then asked him if he could arrange for me to go somewhere and place me in a room full of Wi-Fi radiation, and then get someone to switch it on and off, and I would without any doubt tell when it was switched on and when it was switched off. He then said to me that there was nothing like that. I answered him saying, that anyone claiming to be suffering from hypersensitivity as I definitely am, the first person they come to see is their doctor, and it would be nice if he would at least sit down and discuss in detail how and when this started to make me ill, but this never happened, and all he could say was, it was never proven, and I was imagining the whole thing. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought it was a doctor’s sworn duty to give his patient the right to a fair and correct diagnosis. Well any doctor worth his salt should have tried to set up the tests with the Wi-Fi on and off which I would, and still would, pass with flying colours, to be absolutely certain of a correct diagnosis, but that never happened. So ask yourself this question? If people with cell phone radiation problems are ignored by their doctor, that puts a message out to the media that microwave radiation is perfectly safe and does not need any more surveys to prove it safe, as I said before has any one seen a document saying it is 100% safe, [I think not]. Also the doctors by not doing their duty, by investigating further, create the illusion that everything is safe, but how can you prove it is dangerous if the simple tests I explained earlier are not being set up.
PS. The Doctor in all his wisdom has diagnosed me with the new mental illness ( Delusions of phones ) and that is official.
If you get back to me on this subject,you will be the first person to do so in the 20 years. All the best, from Old Pete.

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