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Our story about Airwave TETRA United Kingdom
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: David and Sandra Created: 2 Jan 2006 Updated: 2 Jan 2006 Viewed: 4547 time(s)
Illness and recovery with TETRA as masts go on and off
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2005 Created: 2 Jan 2006
As 2005 began, I was very uncomfortable in my own home and outside of it. I had discovered that to go near powerful TETRA such as in Chichester, or to spend 30 mins to an hour near a TETRA mast, made me very unwell and slowed the circulation in my feet. My husband began to feel more twinges in his head and some night he was awake and unable to sleep.
In about April/May 2005, I tested a form of protection for a lady who suffered badly, simply because she was poor and needed help. I persuaded the company to let me test it for free. I was surprised to find that this took away all the pain I was feeling in my own home and have used it ever since.
My husband, who only felt TETRA when it was particularly stronger, has recovered from the complaints he had and has free use of his arms, as before December 2002 The result with me has been that my hair has recovered some of its original colour and my skin and nails are healthy. Also I can walk for miles, dance, climb, do everything I did before Dec 2002. I now know I do not have arthritis and that my muscles have built up again.
I was sometimes woken in the night, or unable to sleep, but mostly slept well.
I worked out that TETRA on higher power seemed to be the cause, or when testing of TETRA was being carried out (In 2004 and 2005 while I could feel high – powered testing of TETRA, all the smaller birds disappeared from the area, as they did in the Bognor area when the TETRA mast was running.)
I got so sensitive to TETRA, in particular, and in part to 3G masts that I could no longer visit Chichester and the Selsey area without feeling ill. I was ill for several weeks after a day visit to London. I also found Bognor very uncomfortable and did not stay long. It shut down my whole life and made me more inclined to stay at home. I have always had robust health and energy. I have rarely been sensitive or allergic to anything in my life. Up to 2002 I still had more energy and strength than my own children and most teenagers.
I have always been very active physically and enjoyed walking miles, dancing for hours, and doing physical chores. I could eat anything, use any product, and never had problems with anything except modern medicines, which seemed too powerful for my system to tolerate.
The impact of being unable to walk, and thinking I would never walk for miles or dance again was like a death sentence for me. Sheer will power helped me to overcome it in part, yet TETRA kept putting me back.
Just before Xmas 05 I began to feel really well, better than I have since December 2002.
I can no longer feel TETRA in or around my home, so must presume that it was the line of TETRA emissions from the Church Norton temporary TETRA mast that was affecting me, and this has now been turned down, turned off, or the line of emissions has moved, since the Sidlesham mast has been put up.(Church Norton was the temporary mast in place of the lack of the Sidlesham TETRA mast.)

I also believe, but cannot prove, that TETRA makes more people sensitive. Therefore I think that maybe the percentage of the “electrosensitive sufferers” might be higher in the UK than in other countries, purely due to the effects of Airwave TETRA.

In some ways I feel that the Bognor area must been one of the “proofs” of the ill effects of TETRA because my husband and I have seen (and I've felt myself) the improvement in the people of Bognor when the TETRA mast was turned off, talked to some in Felpham when their TETRA mast went up secretly, and now we have experienced the feel good factor of not being on a TETRA emission line.
We hope we will not be adding another entry to report that TETRA has returned because we want to continue our work in the mast movement to help others. But if it happens, we will just have to cope with it and find a way to continue.

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2004 Created: 2 Jan 2006
In January 2004 we both thought we had gone down with the same virus again. We had the same headaches, nosebleeds, etc. My hair and skin and nails, which had improved, deteriorated again. My knees and legs hurt more and it was harder to walk or stand for long. My husband's arms
were giving him trouble again.
In March 2004 we had severe TV disruption and I saw an article in the local paper about a TETRA mast in Bognor and a meeting to be held in Bognor. We went along and then I began to learn about TETRA. Prior to this I didn’t know what TETRA and phone masts were and never noticed them.
In May 04, the Bognor TETRA mast was turned off. It had been turned on around New Year and no one had been aware of it, but many were unwell in the town. People in the town recovered after a few weeks of the TETRA being turned off and so did we. The small birds that had vacated Bognor when the TETRA was on all returned, as did the squirrels whose absence was not noticed.
In the summer we had Airwave or 02 testing on a site in a park near us and raised a campaign. We also campaigned for Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve
because we discovered that a temporaryTETRA mast was to be put up alongside the harbour at Church Norton and we were concerned for the wildlife there.
Later in the Spring, I felt pain in my head, neck and knees in the bedroom and living room. I was waking up in the night, or could not get to sleep some nights, I had some nosebleeds. I knew it was not the Bognor mast because this had been turned off in May. My husband could not feel it, but sometimes had a twinge when the power seemed to be higher. The Church Norton TETRA mast was turned on in June and also another TETRA mast was turned on secretly in Felpham (a parish of Bognor) to replace the Bognor mast. People in Felpham became unwell and said it must be TETRA, but campaigners said it couldn't be - yet later it was proved to be TETRA. So in this area we experienced life with and without TETRA and know with certainty that TETRA makes you ill.
In October 2004 I started to work voluntarily in the mast movement because I was now convinced TETRA was harmful to human and animal life and to our environment. I was to learn that other forms of microwave radiation were, too.

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December 2002 to December 2003 Created: 2 Jan 2006
Just before Xmas in 2002, while living in Selsey, my husband and I, and other people in the area, went down with what was thought to be a virus infection.The symptoms were severe headaches, nosebleeds, flu-like symptoms, tiredness, lack of energy, irritability, inability to think clearly, depression, apathy.These symptoms came and went over a period of about 2 or 3 months and seemed to become more severe with each episode.
We went to the doctor in late February. He said there was nothing he could do as it must be a bad virus infection. We went back in April and the doctor still could not help. We went back in early May because both of us had deteriorated badly. By this time my hair had gone completely white in a few weeks, my nails and hair were brittle and dry, my skin was in an awful state and the muscles in my legs and arms deteriorated. In late May we went back to the doctor and demanded a chest X-ray because we could hardly breathe. We were both diagnosed with pneumonia and treated with antibiotics.
In early June my husband had difficulty with the muscles in his upper arms and I had aches in my legs and knees. Walking was painful. On the 11th June 2003 I woke up and my legs collapsed under me as I tried to get out of bed. The doctor diagnosed osteo-arthritis and referred me to a specialist. I was unable to walk at all for several weeks but managed to shuffle a few paces after that and tried to build on it, never managing to go far, or to walk on uneven ground or slopes or inclines.
My husband, meanwhile, was having real problems with his arms, and had difficulty doing a lot of things to include driving.
We decided in July 2003 to move away from Selsey and nearer to shops etc because of our disabilities. We moved to Bognor area in September 2003. By December 2003 we were both recovering. I could walk further and my husband had more movement in his arms.

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