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EMF Refugees Unite Japan
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Paul Doyon Created: 27 Jan 2006 Updated: not yet Viewed: 4854 time(s)
I have created a yahoo.groups mailing list called emfrefugee in order for people to take the first step in forming EMF-free communities. Please join:

I (Paul Doyon) can be contacted at

A description of the group:

Throughout the world, with the proliferation of cell phones and their towers and other devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, we are seeing dramatic increases in a number of illnesses (chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, ADD, mental illnesses, suicides, bizarre crimes, cancers, brain tumors, leukemias - not to mention electrosensitivity).

Some people are able to realize that it is the electromagnetic and microwave radiation that is making them sick and have taken refuge in the few areas left that are out of cell phone range. These are the EMF Refugees. In Sweden, (where it electrosensitivity is recognized as a legitimate disease), an EMF-free community called Frivolten <> is being set up.

Unfortunately, there are many people who have a difficult time believing that EMFs can cause so much damage and even when confronted with the facts still choose to live in a state of denial. Yet, nothing deepens knowledge more than experience and for the people who have been dramatically affected by EMFs and can actually FEEL the microwaves being emitted by cell phones and their towers, there can be no denying this fact.

This ML has been created with the intent of bringing EMF refugees together in countries around the world to form their own EMF-free communities in natural environments where they can heal and create healing environments for the Earth and others.

It is only by coming together that we can be empowered to create positive change and healing for ourselves and others and counteract the negative effects caused by the proliferation of microwave and digital technology.

By creating our own EMF-free communities, we can draw attention to our plight and hopefully influence politics positively in our direction.

Here in Japan, the population is unwittingly being negatively affected by this technology. I strongly suspect School Refusal, Falling Academic Abilities, ADD, youth crimes, suicides, infertility and birth defects are caused by EMFs.
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