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First Low then High Frequency Switzerland
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Charles Cavanaugh Created: 30 Jan 2006 Updated: 30 Jan 2006 Viewed: 4017 time(s)
Had to change first domicile because of low frequency EMR. Then changed next domicile because of high frequency EMR. Now sleep in car in will either build house or move to a country with few people.
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Background Story with Consequences Created: 30 Jan 2006
First I am glad to know that others have gone through similar situations. I have
the freedom to move quite freely and have been able to quickly find EMR free areas in which to camp.
So I refuse to sit around in an area of high radiation without doing anything. Although I feel
the sting of society I have learned to be a surviver.

Here is my story:

Low Frequency: About 15 months ago (Oct. 2005) I began to have strong symptoms of tiredness, emotional stress and
difficulty breathing. I moved from my apartment complex to a chalet in the countryside. This helped a bit.
Then came difficulties with sleep. My friends measured the house for electrical currents and
found that it had strong low frequency currents. They recommended that I move because it was too
expensive to renovate the building. I bought a measuring device for low frequency and began to "see" the
fields so I could avoid polluted places.

High Frequency: I moved to a studio in the country that is completely low frequency neutral. All static electricity
producing elements : TVs, refrigerator, magnetic fields, synthetic fabric rug were removed. I felt alright for a few weeks.
The symptoms continued. I got fed up and purchased accurate measuring devices for high frequency radiation (around 1200 SFR).
The result was I identified, a microwave oven, DECT phones, a wireless network in house and a mobile antenna about 1 km away.
I goet the DECT phones and microwave oven turned off. The wireless network and mobile antenna continue.
Protection from high frequency through silver coated net convering my bed was tested for 1 month. This reflected all high
frequency radiation but caused bad side effects and reduced the life standard. I can not recommend the use of shielding
materials because the shielding must be so comprehensive so that the radiation
will not enter at other angles and "echo" throughout the house so easily. This protection in a cage with all of the social
and psychological repercusions and is not a long term solution.

Since 6 months, I sleep in my car, which has a large sleeping area in the back, in special natural areas in Switzerland
an hour from Zürich that are completely EMR neutral. I drink much water at night and the air is clean in these locations.
The effect is so amazing. I have not had colds for the last 8 months, no headaches, my joints are flexible,
the symptoms of tiredness, pressure on my chest, emotional stress have left. My collegues
at work and friends are amused at my efforts. Of course they don't know how it feels to be sensitive.

I have arrived naturally at the idea of an EMR sanctuary for several reasons:
1. It gives an immediate area of rejuventation so that I don't have to constantly be on the run from
the radiation.
2. Individually fighting large organizations which have 70-80% percent of the population above the age of 10
as an addicted customer has no short term future.
3. I may find a companion who is willing to enjoy the health benefits of real clean living.

I do predict smarter use of the high frequency technology will help in the long term through inhouse repeaters enabling extremely
low outside radition. I don't know how long though considering the currently installed number of transmitters and mobile phones.

My measurements also show that most houses in Switzerland and Australia and all hotels, motels and
hospitals to be completely unacceptable from an EMR viewpoint.

So goes the education.

I have done extensive measurements through out Switzerland. There is only one reliable indicator for
a EMR clean location: no people! With no people there is no need for mobile phone antennas. Another
advantage of no people is low land cost. Disadvantage is decreased social life, long travel to good employment areas.

I have though identified many clean spots in remote valleys in Switzerland that have no antenna or
are well blocked by a mountain. These areas offer place for some people.

My recent visit to Tasmania and Australia just proved my "no people" premise .

Especially Tasmania had quite a clean EMR environment away from the cities as well as naturally clean air.
Land is very cheap there.

Please let me know about any of your research into sanctuaries as I am strongly sensitive. I may be able
to help you in your quest.

Kind regards,
Charles Cavanaugh

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