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Group seeking people sensitive to electromagnetic fields
Malaysia Created: 8 Jan 2009
GEORGE TOWN: A Radio Frequency Radiation Sensitive group will be set-up to gather figures on those who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields in another move to protest against the state government’s free state-wide WiFi plan under its Wireless@Penang project.

Its coordinator Dr Thor Teong Gee, a medical doctor said the findings would be submitted to the state government once they had enough people registered with them to show that the situation needed urgent attention.

He said the World Health Organisation (WHO) had acknowledged that there were about 1.5 to 3% of the world population that were vulnerable to the exposure of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation created by the telecommunication towers, high tension wires and wireless systems.

The sub-group is being set up by the already existing Penang Wireless Campaign group and the Penang Telco Towers Alliance

“We hope people suffering from this sort of condition will come forwards to register as members with the group,’’ he told a press conference on Thursday.

Present at the press conference were a group of people that had their own experiences to share on the sensitivity to the electromagnetic field suffered by them and their family members.

Dr Thor said those interested to join the group could contact him at 04-8661044 or email him at drthortg [-at-] yahoo.com.
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Source: The Star, MANJIT KAUR, 08 Jan 2009

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