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Cell Tower Company Apologizes For Permit Problem
USA Created: 18 Aug 2009
The owner of a cell phone tower company has apologized to Natrona County officials for putting up cell towers without getting the proper permits first.

Union Telephone didn't understand the county's permit application processes, owner Eric Woody told Natrona County Commissioners this week. He said the company is working to fix the problem.

Family-run Union Telephone operates more than 120 cell tower sites. Woody said he didn't know the company had put up towers without obtaining the proper building permits until the county brought the matter to his attention earlier this year.

How quickly the permits could be approved isn't known. Union will have to start the permitting process all over again, said County Planner Blair Leist.

If permit applications were turned in immediately, Leist said, the County Commission wouldn't begin to consider approving them until mid-October at the earliest.

Commissioners said they expected quick action from the company on seeking the permits.

"Normally in a situation like this, I'd say we should just shut you down. But because so many people use your service, we can't shut you down," said Commissioner Terry Wingerter. "We're over a barrel on this one."

Woody said the problem embarrassed him.

"This is a commitment that we have as an organization to do this right. And I know we have to earn back your trust," he said.
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Source: Casper Star-Tribune, 13 Aug 2009

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