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Mobile towers posing threat to health
Pakistan Created: 9 May 2011
ISLAMABAD: Cell tower numbers in thick populated areas have grown exponentially in recent years, though the health experts warn that electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is disastrous for human (and animal) health.

Cell Towers are the base stations which control cell phone communication.Whenever a tower is installed on top of a building where people live or work, those occupants may be quite unaware that they are in very close proximity to equipment which produces substantial electromagnetic radiation.

When contacted, the sources in mobile industry simply rejected any such threat and said these towers have nothing to do with the health of human or animals.

Commenting over the effects of mobile towers on human health, scientist and President National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), Aftab Ahmed said these towers are really a threat for health and even maintenance issues can affect how much radiation a cell site is currently producing.

He said radiation around a single cell tower may not be uniform, adding measurement with a suitable meter is the only way to know how much radiation you are receiving at a particular spot.

He further mentioned that it is not yet proven scientifically how much these towers disastrous for human health, but definitely they have negative effect.

Dr Naseeb Dar who runs private clinic in Gulzar-e-Quaid said exposure to mobile towers may cause headaches, sleep disorders, poor memory, mental excitation, confusion, anxiety, depression, appetite disturbance and listlessness.

About cancer , he said if cell towers are causing cancer, several years of exposure (with only minor effects on people's health) might be required, followed by an unexpectedly high occurrence of the disease amongst the exposed population.

The damage from radiation exposure accumulates over many years, but the breakdown in health happens only after all body defences and repair mechanisms have been exhausted, he maintained.

More important than the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted at the tower is the strength of the resulting radiation wherever people live and work.

In the long term, need is to find ways of providing cell phone convenience without exposing people to the existing dangers of cell tower radiation.
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Source: Business Recorder, 09 May 2011

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