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Add key clauses in radiation policy: Indian Actress
India Created: 28 Oct 2013
Actress-turned social activist Juhi Chawla has said that citizens’ groups have submitted a list of objections to the state government’s draft policy on mobile phone towers and were waiting for the government to make the necessary revisions.

Addressing a news conference on Thursday, Chawla pointed out that the state policy had left out or diluted some key clauses on the issue as set out by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and these required to be revised.

“We have given them a presentation on the key points that have been missed out. The state authorities have heard our concerns and assured us that these would be incorporated in the revised policy,” Chawla said.

Under the state government’s draft policy, while the consent of the owner of the premises or property where the tower is to be installed would be required, the consent of 70% residents was not mandatory.

The state draft policy has also done away with another regulation in the civic rules that disallows towers within a radius of 100m of educational institutions, hospitals and homes for senior citizens.

“The state authorities have agreed to the fact of the hazard of radiation from mobile phone towers and will consider these concerns while making the changes. So we will wait till the policy is revised,” Chawla said.

Vinod Shelar, BJP corporator who is with the campaigners on this issue, said, “Though the permitted radiation levels have been lowered under the policy, there is no mechanism to keep a check on this. So, it seems that the radiation levels have been brought down only on paper. There must be an effective mechanism.”

The clauses
The state government’s draft policy leaves out or dilutes some key clauses that are set out in the rules by the civic body.

While the state policy requires the permission of the owner of the premises or property where the mobile tower is to be installed, It does not require the consent of 70% of the residents.

The state policy does not mention a ban on mobile towers near educational institutions, hospitals and homes for children and senior citizens.
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Source: DNA India, 18 Oct 2013

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