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Excessive Use Of Smart Phone Putting Children's Health At Risk
Pakistan Created: 3 Dec 2019
Excessive use of smartphone is dangerous for children's health and may cause cancer, tumours such as glioma and acoustic neuroma as brain tissue of children absorbed about two times more microwave radiations than that of adults and the bone marrow of children soak up 10 times more radiation.

Talking to APP, Dr Ikram ul Haq said low intelligence quotient and improper mental growth in children, sleep deprivation, brain tumours and psychiatric diseases were caused by excessive use of phones.

He said excessive use of phones had an adverse effect on our body, especially on the growing skulls of children, toddlers and teenagers and it could trigger the development of brain cancer in future.

He said cell phones have non-ionising radiations. Many researches proved that children and unborn babies do face a greater risk for bodily damage that resulted from microwave radiations given off by wireless devices.

The rate of microwave radiations absorption was higher in children than adults because their brain tissues were more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size was smaller, he added.

When we approached another expert to know about the preventive measures, Dr Babar Nadeem, said although wireless devices were now part of our everyday life, but they could be used in a manner that is safe enough.

He said most important point was the distance, holding a cell phone few inches away from our ear would reduce the risk by 1,000 times.

Dr Nadeem said just like Belgium, France, Germany and other technologically sophisticated governments, our government should also pass laws that ensure issuing of warnings about children's use of wireless devices.

He said the best place to keep a cell phone was in a pouch, purse, bag or a backpack.

Moreover, these devices should be kept away from a pregnant woman's abdomen. If a woman was a mother then she should not use a cell phone while breastfeeding or nursing.

Children and teenagers needed to know how to use mobile phones and wireless devices safely, he said, cell phones should not be permitted in children's bedrooms at all.

Good health was above wealth, but a majority of people undermine their personal health and become more careless about their children's mental and physical state.
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Source: UrduPoint, Zeeshan Aziz, 03 Dec 2019

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