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Three cases Netherlands
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
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One woman died, one woman confined to her room, a family with headaches
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Three examples Created: 28 Nov 2006
Three experiences

Woman dies

In A. in The Netherlands lived a woman somewhat older than 75 years. She did not have internet, so did not have information from websites like or She had headaches, dizziness and several times became unconscious. It struck her that this was always in the vicinity of antennas. She used to bike to the forest, where she did not feel dizziness and palpitations of the heart. One time she paused and sat down on a bench. She became unwell. There was a mast with many antennas in the immediate vicinity. She was carried to the hospital by ambulance, but died from cardiac arrest.

Family has headaches, tired and dizzy.

In E. in The Netherlands a family lives, father, mother, child. One night (really, in the middle of the night) the base station on the roof contrary to their home was expanded, with probably 3G. Since then they have headaches, are dizzy and terribly tired. A neighbour already complained before the expansion and had moved to another place. The family used to think about it as nonsense, but now has another opinion.

Woman trembles and shakes unless in her small, shielded room

In A. in The Netherlands a women and a man live in an appartment. The woman has many serious health complaints, she can hardly leave her home. Juin 2006 she got an headache and swollen face, after a call with a dect-telephone. In the night she trembled and shaked. She was hardly able to walk. After four days somewhere without masts and electricity, the headache disappeared and she could walk well again. The couple has shielded a room in the appartment. She feels well inside, but when she leaves the room or home, the trembling and shaking returns.
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