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GSM phone masts forced me to move Sweden
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: henkemail Created: 16 Dec 2006 Updated: 16 Dec 2006 Viewed: 4499 time(s)
The GSM phone masts on the building facing my appartment gave me headaches, memory problems, sleepless nights and more. All symtomps gone after just a few weeks away from the appartment.
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the story.. Created: 16 Dec 2006
Happiness of finding an appartment right in the center of Jönköping, Sweden where i live and work, turned into a nightmare of headaches, memory problems, sleepless nights, depression, and much more. It was first after several months though, when I took notice of the phone masts mounted on the roof of the building facing my appartment, and after starting to read about other peoples problems related to radio frequnecy radiation, that I begun to understand what the cause of my health problems was.

Measurment of EM-radiation in my appartment showed levels of high frequency radiation (at 938MHz) above 3000 µW/m² (microwats per square meter).

I did not have to read many reports (like the one by Neil Cherry in 2000, to understand that all talk of harmlessness of the radiation from phones and masts, and exposurelevels "way below safety limits" is merely a result of economical interest of the industry.

I sincerely hope that we can somehow turn this trend of ever increasing electromagnetic pollution.
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