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I've got a radarmast behind my house. Sweden
Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Nina Created: 10 Jun 2005 Updated: 10 Jun 2005 Viewed: 4088 time(s)
The military knows a lot about this.
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I've got a radarmast behind my house. Created: 10 Jun 2005
It is also microwaves, and a lot of research has been done since 1954 on EMW.
The military knows a lot about this.
I wanted to thank you to put so much energy in this site, it gives hope to people that their voices can be heard.
I am not very well, and my daughter that is four neither.
But I try to move, and hopefully I'll find something.
But the risk is that a mast is build , so I would have to move again.
But of course it is no solution.
Yes I do speak french and swedish. My father is french and my
mother's swedish.
I came back to Sweden a year ago, and I don't regret, in France it is hard to live, there is a lot of masts everywhere.
The sad thing is that so many feel bad but don't get the relation between the masts and their health.
I try every day to tell people how dangerous EMF is, but not many listen.
I'll try to tell my story on the your site, I can't sit by the computer for too long, so I'll take it later.
I'm going away for a couple of days trying recover a little.
Hopefully I'll be more cheerfull then.

To be continued and edited
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