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Contamination level: Feeling violently sick all the time.
Author: Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. Created: 11 Oct 2007 Updated: 17 Oct 2007 Viewed: 4634 time(s)
"Silver fillings" or dental amalgams pose an extremely serious threat of co-toxicity in the context of microwave exposure.
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Mercury poisoning and Microwave Syndrome Created: 17 Oct 2007
Both organic mercury and inorganic mercury salts seem to dissolve easily in body compartments and certain systems are more liable for a devastating damage: particularly, the central nervous system (short-chained mercury), the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract (inorganic mercury salts).

The presence of mercury in the Central Nervous System of a person that is being subject to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, seems to create a clinical picture that is more severe were it not there. Mercury is NOT, of course, a sine qua non for the Microwave Syndrome. The absence of amalgams is no warranty for not being a victim.

The dental canaliculi leak mercury slowly into the bloodstream. There seems to be an atomic/molecular phenomenon of resonances or "zitterbewegung" whereby some of the atoms experience vibration when subject to an electromagnetic field. So to say, the amalgam is slowly dissolved. Again, the presence or absence of the Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome does not depend on the presence or absence of mercury (and other metals too). In many patients the intensity of the neurological symptoms seems to be more severe. This seems to be related to the fact that neurons become mercury deposits, and an atomic/molecular zitterbewegung or jittery movement within the organelles of the neuron is like harvesting an "Alien" inside yourself.

Once you have the Microwave Syndrome, the amalgams have to go, no matter what. It's better to get a prostheses.<br />

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