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Brain cancer after prolonged use of mobile phone Australia
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: About Enrico Created: 23 Apr 2008 Updated: 23 Apr 2008 Viewed: 4615 time(s)
I wanted to write about Enrico' story as it was written in the News Section because I think everyone should read it. Unfortunately I did not complete the file and not quite sure what to do. If you want to read it turn to the news section, but I think it should be written here in the case studies.
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Enrico's story Created: 23 Apr 2008
In the previous case history I attempted to write about Enrico's story.
I think this story should be written in the case histories in order for everyone to read it.
He says that he now has brain cancer due to using his mobile phone for more than ten years.
A brain surgeon has already been in the news section recently saying that he thinks brain cancers have increased and could be due to the use of mobile phones and associated technologies.
People use their mobile phones as though there is no tomorrow but they could pay dear for it. If this is made public they could at least be sensible.
No one is going to ban them, just use them less often.
I my main concern is not cancer but the more immediate symptoms of headaches, depresssion and bad temper, which are ess quantifiable.

Perhaps the owners of this website can do a better job than I have done so far about this story, sorry!
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