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Satellite dish; main electrical box right behind the wall of my living room with main cables and circuits running underneath Australia
Contamination level: Seriously concerned, but little or no symptoms.
Author: Mrs Anarchy Created: 29 Jul 2008 Updated: not yet Viewed: 3381 time(s)
Big concerns with issues on the electronmagnetic radiation affecting my life at my place. No.1 concern with the foxtell satellite dish installed on my roof, right on top of bed. Second concern the main circuit box located right behind the wall of my living room connecting cables and maincircuit right underneath my feet. Lately, my skin has begun allergic to all these magnetic radiations. My face and especially areas surrounding y eyes got so red, swollen and very itchy all over everynight after spending some hours in the room. More worse I have trouble to fall asleep each night in my bed worrying about the big dish installed up on my roof. I am thinking to move but not quite possible with a limited budget, still got a home loan, interest rate is rising high, and things like petrol, food...
Am I just over reacted or imagining things out of nothing??? Could somebody please give me some advices?
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