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Typical symptoms after moving to new appartment Germany
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Created: 28 Mar 2015 Updated: not yet Viewed: 2087 time(s)
I noticed several years ago that I suffer from EHS, too, when I moved to a new appartment and I suddently couldnít sleep well anymore. The neighbours use cordless phones and Wi-Fi which I could measure after I bought a HF (high frequency) analyzer.

I was fascinated by wireless technology in the past, but currently I donít use a cell phone, WiFi or cordless phone, because I experience typical symptoms so many are reporting, when I use them.

In my current appartment I can only sleep well, after buying a shielding bed canopy. Iím planning to move somewhere else, because the radiation around is increasing more and more.

I created the website to collect stories about people suffering from EHS all around the globe. This is not psychosomatic, people are experiencing real health issues. The number of people that is affected is increasing more and more.
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