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Our “Life” near the Vodaphon GSM Transmitter Germany
Contamination level: Bearable degree of physical symptoms (headache, nausea etc.).
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In November 1988, we moved into our newly built house (we were still feeling happy then). From February 1999, my partner Herr Hübner began to suffer.
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During December 2003 he was continually ill. In February 2004 it came to a climax. Created: 2 Jan 2006
Translation: Margaret White

Our “Life” near the Vodaphone GSM Transmitter

Marianne Buchmann

In November 1988, we moved into our newly built house (we were still feeling happy then). From February 1999, my partner Herr Hübner began to suffer. It started off with allergies, hypertension and physical collapse. During December 2003 he was continually ill. In February 2004 it came to a climax.

Since living in the house, he has been waking up suddenly covered in sweat and he has been in a real state. He told me, “I cannot stay here”, and he moved into the cellar to sleep on old couch that was there. Quite honestly, I thought that he was slightly crazy, I could not explain why.

As you can imagine, we looked for the cause it, it seemed reasonable to assume that his illness had something to do with the house. We could not find anything as we had built biologically.

I attributed my continual colds, eye infections and tonsil infections to stress.

My parents lived at the rear of our house. In February 2002, my father was given a diagnosis of prostrate cancer with bone metastases. I thought that it was not too bad at an age of 71+, my grandfather lived to the age of 92 years with this illness. But, it was different with my father, the PSA Values almost doubled with each passing month. The cancer progressed ever faster, no chemotherapy could stop it and in December 2003 he died.

In March 2004, we again looked for the cause of my partner’s illness and we discovered from our Gemeindesräte (Local Authority) that we lived near a mobile phone transmitter. We knew nothing about this, the transmitter is erected on the fire station tower and it’s hardly visible.

Then, I gathered together all the information that I could for myself and I was shocked at what I discovered about effects of permanent microwave radiation for 24 hours a day. So, I paid over EUR 1,000 to have radiation measurements carried out. In the bedroom, we had an exposure level of 112 μW/m2. The biological limit is just 1 microwatts per square metre, the maximum permitted exposure is 4,814,324 microwatts per square metre.
What would happen to us with a radiation level of 4,000,000 microwatts per square metre?
We would all already be dead.

And, we have not just one transmitter in our residential area, No we have two of them. I now wanted to find out how our neighbours were affected and I did a questionnaire survey. [For the results see the end of this letter.] Some of the neighbours were worse affected than us, some neighbours suffered quite badly with the radiation. You are welcome to speak to these people. This was in spite of the maximum permitted exposure levels being observed.

During March/April 2004 I had no stress, I was on holiday and in spite of this I was ill. I went to the doctor, who advised me not to sleep in the bedroom any longer because of this,. My 5 year old daughter was also affected; it was only a question of time when she would become ill. So, we joined her father in the cellar. And, you will hardly believe this, but since we have been sleeping in the cellar and now rarely stay in the front of the house, we are all healthy and we have no further health complaints.

Unfortunately, my special blood test values have not returned to normal values and my [present] blood picture is that of a cancer patient. And, it is not only me, two more of the special blood tests results lie in front of me and all of them are equally bad.

I have already tried several things to try to improve these blood values, unfortunately in vain. I am now beginning a new therapy. Perhaps things will improve when we are behind a wall of rabbit cage mesh? The radiation protection costs around EUR 8,000. Poor Germany – no quality of life any more, but we can even telephone from the cellar. Should the extension of the mobile phone transmitter network continue we will soon have to dig deeper. Anybody who still has an old [underground] bunker on their land is lucky.

I have bought myself a test meter, in the meantime we have measured over 2,000 μW/m2 in the bedroom and also in the children’s bed room. I would not even allow our dog to sleep there.

In September 2004, we had to admit my mother to hospital. Her blood pressure increased to over 200/128. She stayed in the Klinik Bogenhausen for 5 days, whilst there she had no complaints and the blood pressure remained normal. My test meter showed that her hospital room was free from radiation. I measured over 100 microwatts per square metre in her bedroom. The radiation level on my father’s bed was even worse. She had barely returned home and her blood pressure started to fluctuate upwards and downwards. She had only a pulse rate of 40. After we screened the whole of the house front against the transmitters with ‘Swiss Shield’ curtain the symptoms went away.

I am fighting against the enforced irradiation. I will sue Vodaphon and I have a building contract for a radiation protection screen (21 x 7.55m). I was given permission for this, I will have it erected during the Summer. The mobile phone operators need no permission to erect a transmitter under my nose.

The [exposure] limits are too high. I demand that levels no greater than 1 microwatts per square metre can be measured on my land, that we can live healthily in our house and that we can move out of the cellar into the bedroom. My daughter wants to return to her own bedroom more than anything else.

I know that mobile telephony involves very large amounts of money,
but the mobile phone operators must be forced by the Government to turn OFF the pulsed radiation and to work with alternative technologies. That is certainly possible.

But, it is not only the mobile phone transmitters that are permanently irradiating us, where there are no transmitters, DECT, Wireless LAN and all the other things that are around.
In the flats, I have measured values of over 1,000 microwatts per square metre although in the flat none of the equipment is emitting radiation.
Whole living blocks of flats are polluted, it transmits permanently through walls. Some people notice nothing at all, others become really ill, and sleep disturbances are normal. After removal of the DECT telephones people inform me that the headaches, migraines and sleep disturbances have disappeared.

Everything must be done so that we can lead a normal life without the enforced irradiation. Did you know that all mobile phones are able to function with a level
of 0.265 microwatts per square metre?

With best wishes
Marianne Buchmann

Evaluation of the Questionnaire 3/4/2004

14 people were interviewed & 46 questionnaires were distributed.

Complaints N %
Allergic reaction 17 36.96
Headaches and migraines 26 56.52
Chronic fatigue 22 47.83
Inner unrest 27 58.70
Sleeplessness/ daytime tiredness 43 93.48
Ear noises 27 58.70
Heart attack 3 6.52
Nerve soft tissue pain not explained by usual causes 13 28.26
Learning, concentration, behavioural (children)
eg. Hyperactivity 5 10.87
Uncontrolled/paroxysmal hypertension
which are difficult to treat with medication 12 26.09
Tachycardia 12 26.09
Cancers like leukaemia and brain tumours 4 8.70
Degenerative disorders (eg. Alzheimer’s and epilepsy) 1 2.17

Do you use a DECT cable-free telephone in your flat? 23 50.00

Buergerinitiative Mobilfunk Kirchheim,
Marianne Buchmann

Mariannes Buchmanns case history in German:
Unsere ‘Leben’ beim Vodaphon D2 Sender
Marianne Buchmann
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