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Also my life was totally destroyed... Sweden
Contamination level: Severe illness! Forced to abandon a home.
Author: Michael Created: 17 May 2005 Updated: 3 Jun 2012 Viewed: 7715 time(s)
One day I got sick in a way that took away everything worth living..
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One day my life just stopped being worth living! Created: 1 Aug 2005
I lived 4 years in a house beside close to a mast in the very same height as my home, suddenly one day I collapsed and was lame in half my body,
I was in bed 3 days before I could get up with some balance, I had to crawl to the wc cause it was impossible to walk.
After that day nothing in my life is the sam, I have no good balance anymore, driving motorcyle or even an ordinary bike is totally out of question,
I have very strong reactions from any mobil phone or cellphone mast, when i lived in the place I could almost not spell to write letters, and just to
form the meanings in the letters was a tremendous work... a letter like this could take 3 hours and still it was full of errors in spelling and gramathics.
I had constant strange headache, neck-ache, back-ache, itchy skin, got a lot of dandruff(!), got a lot of skin problems like "exceem" (Exema)
(dont know the english word here, but its red, itchy , aching and often bleeding skin on hands) due to bad function in stomach that made melting food
function to work not good(candida), a feeling of dizzyness all the day, strange and bad temper and a fatal feeling that life was not worth living,
also irregular heartbeat and "rushing heart like attacks" was usual etc etc...
Me that always before have had taken life's harder times as a thing to get over and advance as a human being was now totally freaked out
and often I had in thought of taking my life, that would have been quite easy as I lived on the 16th floor then.
It took me 2 more years and a lot of visits at different doctors before I happened to get info about my symptoms on the internet, symptoms that
are very specific to people exposed for microwaves.
There is no doubt that those radiations from microwave transmitters are affecting us very bad, regardless what the different authorities tell us,
their "guidelines" are only looking for warming effects and are today picked up by telecom industry as a sign of good and reliable values to tell people
that its not harming at all.... the fact that there are HUNDREDS of study's telling how bad it is , they never talk about.. money talks and they have put in
to much of it in the "it-infrastructure effort" today so no one, not least authorities want to hear naything about alarming reports.

Today i live in another city, 1000 kilometers away from my old one and the only things keeping me in a city is
1. I do not have the money to buy me a house and
2. I also have a daugther 15 years of age that wouldnt be so happy 30 kilometers away from school and friends
Radiation in this city is much less than in old one but every day is a struggle due to the raising radiation due to telecom industries effort to make more
people buy and use the new 3G system that operates on higher frequencies (2,4 ghz instead of older gsm on 900 and 1800 mhz) before I lived in a
small house in my old city and it was HEAVEN because there were no mast in sight, that lucky period lasted for only 14 months until they started to
build the new 3G system in Sweden

Only in Sweden were I live there are 100's of people fleeing out from society and cities to be able to overcome the worst effects from the masts that
are radiating soon every square-mile of sweden, often in old houses from 17th century without electricity, telephone or any other modern equipment.
This is happening year 2005 in many countries, money talks, and people suffer all over the world, mankind is slowly digging it's own grave due
to greediness ! (thinking of irrepairable dma damages not least)

I tell as many as possible about the danger of the radiation but many people do think I am a looney and that might be so, especially after been
living 25 meters behind 2 cellphone masts, I never feel like a normal person with a normal life anymore....
We have authorities paying half a million sek to pr-companies just so they can make a "broschure" about cellphone radiation were they
lie to the public that there are no riscs... even though there are NO study proofing they are right, but MANY telling us it's dangerous...
such behaviour makes me and others sick and we are quite many thinking of mankinds self-destruction as those things go on...

Sorry for my quite bad english, I just feel I gotta try to tell how sad and bad it can and will be ... hope it comes something good out of it,
I also want to spare others from walking thru hell like I did....

In January 2005 I had to move for the 3rd time due to heavy radiation
Thank's for starting this webpage up, it's one of the most effective place for us who are striked by microwaves to come together, share our
thoughts of getting most out of life and not least tell the unknowing people what can happen, be aware cause soon YOU might get to be one of us,
one never knows !
Regards Michael


Now 2 years after they are near completion of covering 99% of the population in sweden with 3G masts. That involves of course all areas outside the cities, at least the populated areas...
I now feel violently sick most of the time and have had to abandon 2 more homes and 3 possibly new ones due to new masts erected averywere.

Dont know where to live, how to keep on going or at least get just an ounce of happyness in my life....

EDIT 2012:

Since the right wing government claimed that ill people are no asset to society and in almost all cases parasitic, the situation for me and other EMF-sick people gets even worse.

We are now forced to be available for any possible real or made up work anywhere in the country. And are being told that our sickness does not exist, it is all in our heads. If any employer want to use me for free for any work and this can be accomplished by me 2 hours a day then I am claimed as healthy and are to compete with all other workers in the entire country. (If you cant work then you should get just as much that is needed to survive)

So 2 years ago I lost my income from the social assurance and are now living on healthcare at lowest rates.
The 4G system is being used heavily and the situation is worse than ever before for us.
Have been forced to practice work tests on various places that makes med feel even worse than I usually do.

Mankinds lowest form of evilness is forced upon us.. be aware, avoid sweden if you are emf sensitive, we are the leading nation in IT-technology (proudly stated in swedish media) and this is reflected with very high emf-levels almost anywere.

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