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ELETTRA - italian short movie about EHS (english subtitled)
Italy Created: 30 Jun 2022
Electra is a girl like any other: she spends her time studying, shares an apartment with a close friend and leads a carefree life. Suddenly however, she begins to suffer from strange symptoms that disturb her sleep and cause migraines, loss of balance, even fainting.

Watch the movie:

Following an unhelpful visit to a doctor who prescribes her with anti-anxiety medication, she discovers on the internet that she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

After being misunderstood yet again by someone close to her, she runs away with no destination in mind...

The film’s main character is Lisa Granuzza Di Vita, an actress who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Director: Alessandro Quadretti
Production: Officinemedia for Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili
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Source: Officinemedia for Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili, 26 Jun 2022

The Court of Appeal of Turin confirms the link between a head tumour and mobile phone use
Italy Created: 17 Jan 2020
The Court of Appeal of Turin confirms in a full judgment published on 13 January 2020 (904/2019 of 3-12-2019 , Romeo v. INAIL) the decision of the Tribunal of Ivrea of 2017. Judge Fadda considers that the worker’s acoustic neuroma (benign tumour of the head) was indeed caused by the use of the mobile phone.

According to the Court:

“there is protective scientific jurisprudence that supports the assertion of causation based on criteria of “more likely than not”. P.33.”

And to add:

“Epidemiological data, the results of experiments on animals (not contradicted, at present, by other experiments of the same type), the duration and intensity of exposure … which are particularly important in view of the dose-response relationship established – at the scientific level – between exposure to mobile phone radiofrequencies and the risk of acoustic neuroma, as well as the absence of any other factor which could have caused the disease”.

The scientific analysis by independent experts appointed by the Court confirms the causal link

All the scientific elements of the case were re-examined and re-analysed by two new experts appointed by the Court of Turin (Carolina Marino, Angelo D’Errico). The Court of Appeal fully accepted their conclusions and rejected INAIL’s* appeal, stating that CTU had provided:

“strong evidence to assert a causal role between the complainant’s occupational exposure, his exposure to radiation from mobile phones and the disease that occurred”.

This is the second Italian appeal judgment in favour of a worker after the Brescia judgment in 2010, which concluded with the confirmation of the Supreme Court in 2012, case of Marcolini v. INAIL. In this case, the Court of Bergamo had rejected the application in first instance.
A landmark judgment that will have international repercussions

The Romeo v. INAIL case is therefore historic. It is the first in world judicial history to have had two consecutive judgments in favour of the plaintiff. It is also historic because of the principles underlying this decision and particularly because it is written about the conflicts of interest of certain experts close to the mobile phone industry.
Conflicts of interest and the role of the ICNIRP pinpointed by the Tribunal

Indeed, the Tribunal recognizes that telephone industry-funded scientists, or members of the ICNIRP, are less reliable than independent scientists:

“Much of the scientific literature that excludes carcinogenicity from RF exposure, or at least argues that research to the contrary cannot be considered conclusive… is in a position of conflict of interest, which is not always asserted: see, in particular, on page 94 of the report, the Applicant’s defence (not contested by the other party) that the authors of the studies indicated by INAIL, who are mentioned by name, are members of ICNIRP and/or SCENIHR, which have received, directly or indirectly, funding from industry. P. 33.”

The Turin CTU states:

“It is considered that less weight should be given to studies published by authors who have not declared the existence of conflicts of interest. In this case, conflict of interest situations may arise in relation to the assessment of the effect of radio frequencies on health, for example :
1. cases where the author of the study advised the telephone industry or received funding for studies from the telephone industry
2. if the author himself is a member of the ICNIRP.”

For Dr. Marc Arazi, President of Phonegate Alert:

“Attorney Stefano Bertone’s determined fight to defend the victims of overexposure to our mobile phone waves and the consequences for their health is exemplary. He was one of the first lawyers to take the measure of the revelations linked to the Phonegate scandal. A year ago, together with his law firm and the Italian association APPEL, he and his firm condemned the Italian government to launch major information campaigns on the risks associated with the use of mobile phones. This new decision is all the more important and confirm the need for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G”.

*Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro
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Source: PhoneGate Alert, 15 Jan 2020

Florence will use the precautionary principle for the rollout of 5G
Italy Created: 8 Apr 2019
It is written that as the highest local health authority, Mayor Dario Nardella is officially committed “to elaborate an overall plan, in agreement with the competent authorities, for the installations of the 5G technology before issuing individual authorizations in view of the application of the Precautionary Principle and public health”, “carefully evaluating any authorization for 5G installations in the territory of the municipality of Florence”.

Florence, after the Stop5G vote expressed by the XII Municipality of Roma, is therefore the first city in Italy to have formally approved the concerns of the political-institutional world on the dangers originated from the fifth generation wireless, recalled in the motion the ambiguity and the ‘uncertainty of supranational and private organizations (such as ICNIRP) that “have very different positions from each other, despite the huge evidence of published studies”, considering that “it would now be established that 5G causes damage to the human body, such as DNA strand breaks”, as the extensive independent biomedical literature produced by the authoritative American biochemist Martin Pall has evaluated.
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Source: Lennart Hardells blog, 08 Apr 2019

Judge orders school to shut off Wi-Fi to protect EHS child
Italy Created: 3 Feb 2019
The Court of Florence has ordered the immediate shutdown of Wi-Fi in a school to protect the health of a minor. The order was issued to the school manager of the Botticelli Comprehensive Institute.

As the lawyer Agata Tandoi, defender of the family of “Mario” (not the child’s real name to protect privacy) stresses, the emergency order is not a judgment but a preliminary act based on the existence of sufficient environmental barriers for the pupil.

The judge, in fact, ordered the dismantling of routers and hotspots well before the final verdict. The concern is that continued exposure can cause serious harm to the health of the child, being exposed to an electromagnetic soup at school. The protection of the health of a the child is a constitutional right.

In March a hearing was scheduled to discuss whether the shutdown of Wi-Fi will be temporary or final.

The prudential reasoning of Judge Zanda, unpublished but extraordinarily innovative as far as electrosmog is concerned, notes the fact that the school close to the Arno is currently irradiated by non-ionizing waves, electromagnetic fields emitted by Wi-Fi, and dangerous for human health. Taken into account is the scientific communities’ statements to exposure produced by wireless devices’.

This situation makes it all the more risky for “Mario” who suffers from a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, a serious condition that doctors in health facilities – as documentation produced in court by their parents – have already proven.

But that is not all. Also significant is the passage in which it states: how in the schools “Internet service can be guaranteed by the institute also through systems that do not produce electrosmog, without the use of wireless Wi-Fi”.

– Clearly pointing to the vision of the Decree 11 January 2017 issued by the former Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti who, in terms of indoor pollution for the offices of the public administration, ordered the replacement of Wi-Fi with the most secure wiring, ie the cable connection already provided in several Italian schools,

– (2013 motion of the Regional Council of Piedmont, 2015 motion of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, while the Municipality of Brescia then wired those in its municipality as well as, in a prudential manner Mayor of Borgo Franco d’Ivrea has made his classrooms electrosmog free).

No Italian law, [nor Spanish], forces schools to equip themselves with wi – fi for the use of electronic records (even the accused! ) and for computer rooms one can always choose wired connections for which, however, public funding from the government and the European Union is scarce ( who in fact continues to divert billions for wi-fi and 5 G.) At What cost for the population?
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Source: EMFSA, 29 Jan 2019

BREAKING: Italian Court Orders Public Safety Campaign
Italy Created: 17 Jan 2019
In a victory for advocates of precaution, an Italian court has ordered the government to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones.

More here:

Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin PhD, 16 Jan 2019

More Than a Coincidence: Major New Animal Study, Like NTP’s, Links RF to Schwannomas
Italy Created: 21 Feb 2018
It’s happened again - A second large study has found tumors in the Schwann cells —schwannomas— in the hearts of male rats exposed to cell phone radiation.

The new finding comes from the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy.

The malignant schwannomas of the heart seen in the Italian study are the same as those described by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) earlier this month as the basis for their concern that cell phone radiation can lead to cancer.

The Ramazzini paper is expected to be published within a week.

Read about this important new study and its implications here:

Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin PhD, 21 Feb 2018

Decree of the Environment Minister has recommendations on reducing EMF
Italy Created: 30 Aug 2017
Section 2-3-5-4 of the Decree recommends reducing exposure to indoor electromagnetic pollution.

Reduce low frequency magnetic fields: “In order to reduce as far as possible the indoor exposure to low frequency magnetic fields (ELFs) induced by electrical panels, uprights, conductor dorsals, etc.” the design of the plants must provide that meters and electric panels are outside the building and take measures to reduce levels.

Reduce Radio frequency radiation: Reduce as much as possible the indoor exposure to high-frequency magnetic fields (RF) equip with alternative data transfer systems to wi-fi, eg. cable connection or Powerline communication (PLC) technology.

This was started by a Communication by ECC (COM(2003) 302), to European Parliament about: Integrated Product Policy: Develop
the concept of “environmental lifecycle.

*SNIP* Read the entire article via the source link below...
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Source: Environmental Health Trust, 10 May 2017

Are the floodgates opening? Yet another Italian brain tumour court win
Italy Created: 26 Apr 2017
INAIL (the Italian Workcover) will pay a lifetime of compensation to the injured worker suffering from an acoustic neuroma: he used the phone for 2-3 hours a day for 10 years. Expert testimony speaks of “high probability between cell phone use and malignant disease”

After the court in Ivrea, also in Florence, he acknowledged the connection between the incorrect use of the phone and the onset of an acute nerve disease. Advocate Paolo Maresca told him that, with his colleague Dario Zangara, he defended the sick worker.The Tribunal has in fact condemned Inail, just as in the case of Ivrea, explained the lawyer, to pay a professional sickness allowance to a salesperson who for more than 10 years worked for 2-3 hours Daily on the phone. The perpetrator appointed by the court and the one chosen by the injured worker confirmed, the lawyer noted, “the high probability of a connection between cell phone use and illness,” scientifically defined as a neuron of the eighth cranial nerve. You will now have to wait 60 days to know the reasons for the sentence.

Related news:
Apr 2017, Italy: Italian court finds link between cell phone use and tumor

(thanks to Don Maisch / EMFacts for translation)
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Source:, 24 Apr 2017

Italian court finds link between cell phone use and tumor
Italy Created: 21 Apr 2017
A longtime Telecom Italia employee has been awarded monthly social security payments after a court found that his brain tumor was caused by improper use of a company-issued cellphone.

Lawyer Stefano Bertone said Thursday that it was the first trial court verdict of which he was aware in the world "to recognize a link between cellphone use and the development of brain tumor."

Bertone said one factor that appeared to have contributed to the verdict was the refusal by the court's expert to accept into evidence studies that were funded by the telecom industry.

The legal reasoning behind the ruling, which was issued by a court in the northern city of Ivrea last month but only made public on Thursday, is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

The employee, Roberto Romeo, used the company cellphone for three hours a day for 15 years without taking any precautions, resulting in the non-cancerous tumor and the subsequent loss of hearing in one ear.

"The norms say intense use is one hour a day," Romeo told Sky TG24. "I went well beyond the limits."

Romeo sued the state social security agency, not Telecom Italia, where he still works. He said he is not against cellphone use, but that consumers should adopt safety measures. His lawyer said those could include reducing cel phone use and using specialized anti-radiation ear buds.

Under the ruling, Romeo will receive between 6,000 and 7,000 euros ($6,000-$7,500) a year, Bertone said.

The Codacons consumer protection agency says it is considering a class-action based on the Romeo decision to have cellphones carry health warnings in Italy, and also to have the health risks associated with cellphone use recognized generally by Italy's social security agency.

Bertone said that a 2012 decision by Italy's highest court awarding social security payments to a sales manager who was on a cellphone five or six hours a day helped paved the way for the ruling in his client's case. In the earlier case, the trial court denied the claim, but Italy's highest court accepted a link between excessive cell phone use and the manager's tumor.
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Source: Associated Press, COLLEEN BARRY, 20 Apr 2017

Italian Court sides with patient on cellphone link to head tumor
Italy Created: 21 Apr 2017
An Italian court has recognized the link between the appearance of a benign tumor of the brain and the excessive use of cell phone in a man who will have to receive a lifetime pension for the harm suffered.

The court ruling in Ivrea (North) on April 11, and released on Thursday, admitted a connection between the appearance of a neurinoma in a 57-year-old man whose work in a large company forced him To use his cell phone between three and four hours a day for 15 years.

This "judgment recognizes the causal link between inappropriate cell phone use and a brain tumor," the plaintiff's lawyers, Stefano Bertone and Renato Ambrosio, said. The judgment is, however, subject to appeal.

"We now believe that it is necessary to reflect on this problem and take appropriate measures," they added.

Their client had begun to feel the symptoms of his illness in 2010 in the form of a permanent ear-clogged sensation before an atrial neuroma was diagnosed.

"Fortunately, it is only a benign, but nonetheless disabling tumor. I had to undergo the removal of the acoustic nerve and I am deaf on the right side, "he said.

The expert appointed by the judge assessed his personal injury at 23% and sentenced the National Institute of Workmen's Compensation Insurance (INAIL) to pay him a lifetime indemnity of 500 euros per month.

Studies conducted to date around the world have not allowed scientists to come to a definitive conclusion about the possible links between cancer and cell phone use.

Gathered in Lyon in 2011 at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), some thirty international experts considered that cellular use could be carcinogenic to humans and demanded that further studies be carried out On the intensive and long-term use of cell phones.

Meanwhile, they had advocated the use of "hands-free kits" and the practice of SMS.
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Source:, Andrew Michrowski, 20 Apr 2017

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