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Industry using media in attempt to make "wireless" equal "health"
Denmark Created: 9 May 2008
Recently there has been a flood of news items mentioning wireless as a driving factor for better healthcare.
The latest bit is that UK's Ofcom, that are supposed to be regulating the wireless industry, are speaking about "opening up more radio spectrum" in order to allow this brave new wireless healthcare system to grow.

BBC: "More radio spectrum will need to be released to cater for breakthroughs in healthcare and transport, said Ofcom."

This would be great news - if the medium for transport of this health related information, microwaves, wasn't a health hazard in itself.

Really, all this looks like a desperate attempt to align the words "wireless" and "health" in peoples minds.
Who doesn't want a better healthcare system, really? But at what expence?
No need to re-iterate all the evidence that proves this to be an exceptionally bad idea.
Obviously, this isn't about public health at all - it's all about "managing" public opinion and preserving industry and government pockets as well fed and healthy.

There's more - lot's more. Below are a few examples:

Telegraph: "Health-monitor microchips for the elderly"

Guardian: "Wireless world is almost with us"

Wireless Healthcare: "Ofcom Sees WiFi Getting Under Your Skin"

Bloggers are getting busy spreading the word in the US too:
World Congress: "The New Place for Health Care is Everywhere"
Source: Mast-victims, H.Eiriksson, 09 May 2008

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