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Bernhard Veyret (ICNIRP ) "We are not going to alarm the world"
France Created: 13 May 2008
This interview with Bernhard Veyret, ICNIRP member, was translated from the print edition of french newspaper Le Monde.

(page 26)

"We are not going to alarm the world"

Interview with Bernard Veyret, director of research at CNRS (and ICNIRP member)

Q: There is therefore a problem with cellphones ?

BV: I am not saying that there is a problem, I say that we lack elements to be really sure that there is nothing. There has never been any disease, cancer attributed to such waves. Not a single case found in the world.

Q: I thought that there had been at least one case in USA.
BV: No, no, no. One case not proved. Impossible to prove.

Q: So what is the problem with electrosensitive people?
BV: I am not a specialist in human behaviour, but if you are very frightened of something, you may, if you're exposed to feel the symptoms that you associate to it... Let's listen to them, see how we can treat them. But we are not going to cure them if we remove the electromagnetic fields ... they are unable to feel.

Q: There are the same experts everywhere. You are called upon to decide on many issues in France, you are a member of the committee of "independent experts" in Sweden, advisor for the WHO and, most important, a pillar of the Icnirp, the European Institute which sets the rate of radiation allowed - You do not fear that one day you could be asked accounts ?
BV: No, because I do tell what I know at a given moment. I try to be honest.
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Source: Le Monde (print edition), Sent by Iris Atzmon,13 May 2008

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