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Massive Cancer Cluster near Mobile-Phone Mast
Spain Created: 27 Nov 2009
43 cancer cases among 350 residents living near a mobile telephone relay antenna.

MALAGA-SPAIN: Among the 350 inhabitants of Pérez, near the town of Velez-Malaga, there have been 43 cases of cancer, 35 of which have resulted in death.

The residents are demanding the removal of the phone mast in the village, a cause supported by the country's opposition party UPyD.

Residents living close to the relay antennas in Pérez Los Cortijos, within the district of Vélez-Málaga, today drew attention to the existence of 43 cancer cases among their population of 350, and said they are no longer prepared to tolerate the presence of the mobile phone mast that has been ruining their lives for the last 15 years.

Antonia Delgado, their spokesman, today pointed out during a press conference that the phone mast installed beside the old N340 is only a few metres away from the houses in the centre of Benajarafe. He emphasised that out of the 43 cases, 35 had resulted in death, and "so far this year eight residents have died."
He added that his sister has breast cancer, his father cancer of the larynx, and his uncle a melanoma. The residents have complained many times to the town council in Vélez-Málaga, demanding that the mast be removed.

"All we have managed to get is a promise that one day it will be taken away, but it's too late because our neighbours and my family are already sick. I don't know how many dead bodies the town council needs to see before they change their minds," added Delgado.

He said the residents were "disappointed" after the last meeting they had with the council, because in spite of their evidence, the council were not convinced. Another of those affected, Antonio Marfil, who was diagnosed with a testicular tumour last April, declared that every time he goes past the road into the village, people are only 20 feet away from the mast and "every time we feel the radiation".

The residents' complaint is supported by the local UPyD, whose members have made an official request for the removal of the mast, both for its potential health effects and because where it is sited, next to the watchtower in Benajarafe, "it contravenes several laws for the protection of the national heritage."
The leader of the UPyD opposition in the council, Javier Sansegundo, has said that if the council does not arrange to have the mast moved out of the village of Benajarafe, he will lodge a complaint on the grounds of the visual pollution caused to the site of the watchtower.
Two weeks ago the municipal councillor for new technologies, Jésus Aranda (PSOE), tried to calm the residents by assuring them that the emission from the antennas is within the limits fixed by law.
There is another aspect to the contentious issue of planning regulations and the site of the mast, which is on council property: the residents have pointed out that the mast was put up without a permit and is therefore illegal. The town council now has to deal as well with the appeal by the phone company against this claim, and to verify the legality of the mast and the question of the permit.
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Source: Next-up, 27 Nov 2009

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