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Persecution of HESA scientist witnesses
Canada Created: 17 Jul 2010
Olle Johansen and Dimitris Panagopoulos persecuted after giving testimony to Canadian MP's about radiation risks.

Honourable HESA Member MPs, You must be notified that after appearing as witness-invitees at your Committee, HESA, on April 27 & 29, attesting to the grave dangers to public health and wildlife under Health Canada's (so-called) Safety Code 6, regarding exposure to radiation (from cell phone base stations, wifi, etc.), two of these international eminences in their field have been subject to outrageous academic persecution.

It is thus that their "whistleblowing" before an august governmental forum such as your own, has displeased industry and abettors so much, that these scientists have now been excluded from their offices, unable to pursue their groundbreaking work as before, depended on by colleagues and very many people around the world.

Dr. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute and Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos of the University of Athens, both engaged in pathbreaking work for many years, some of which has been shared with you at HESA & is thus now on this highest of public records, have their positions in jeopardy after their testimony before you.

Their contact emails are Olle.Johansson {-at-} ki.se and dpanagop {-at-} biol.uoa.gr .

You should also be aware that all four international witnesses, including these two, who graciously accepted HESA Committee invitations to testify, have also suffered similarly in the past for their brave and honest reporting of scientific findings, at odds with what the industry and its abettors put forth. I assume it was clearly noticed by all HESA MPs, that at hearings questioning Department of Health standards, only a single witness appeared to speak for that Department, the rest industry-connected (a point raised by Dr. Johansson on the 29th). That should speak for itself. Louder still should speak this further persecution of honourable capable researchers after bravely speaking out before you.

Will you enquire further directly and ask what you can do to reverse this travesty?

Daryl Vernon
York Centre
416 631 1495

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Source: Daryl Vernon (via email from Dr. Goldsworthy), 16 Jul 2010

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