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Pupils forced to have a mobilfri month: It is much cooler without
Denmark Created: 3 Jan 2014
Students at Baunehøj School were forced to drop the phone for four weeks. It was an eye-opener, says the students.
A month without a phone or computer.
For most teenagers it would it sound like the incarnation of hell, but for the students of Baunehøj School at Jaegerspris Zealand it is part of the school year.
- Part of the learning that we need today as a young person, and perhaps even in old age, is to find out whether it is You, or the mobile phone and the computer, who decides, says Kristian Damgaard, a teacher on Baunehøj School.

Therefore, the boarding school forced the students to undergo four weeks without phone and a computer - and it was an eye-opening experience for many of the young people.

Talked never with friends before
Tristan Bierring 16 years old used to spend 5 hours a day playing online with friends.
- There we sat and talked with each other over Skype. But we never got close to each other, he says.

It quickly became clear to to him and his classmates that we do not die, beeing offline.
- My life now is much better.
Instead I spent all the time laughing and enjoying the company of my girlfriends, says Signe Kolbye 17 years old.
- One sees more opportunities in more things to do than you did before.

Students will not return to the old phone habits
After a month without internet and social media, students have regained their mobiles and computers, but Tristan Bierring still enjoys being off-screen/
- I'm not going back into my old habits, because it is much cooler talking to people.

And many of the studentshave responded like that, says their teacher Kristian Damgaard:
- Students said they got a more informed use of their mobile phone by having been out in almost a month.
Danmarks Radio/DR News
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Source: By Karsten Østergaard Nielsen and Camilla Faurholdt-Löfvall

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