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Call for more brain tumour research funding, BUT REMARKEBLY NO-ONE ASKS about the CAUSE of THE HUGE INCREASE IN THE CANCERS!!
United Kingdom Created: 15 Oct 2016
Today 19% more people under 40 are developing brain cancers than in 2002
And 27% more people die from the decease, and still No one ask´s WHY, and What is the cause!!
Brain tumors kill more people and children under 40 than any other cancer in the UK.
Yet funding for research into brain cancer is still woefully inadequate. A new study calls for increased resources.

But there is No One there asking for an answer to WHY the Increase!
And of course No-one even hints at the possibility that the Microwave Radiation from the Mobile Masts/phones/I pads and other microwave gadgets could possibly be the culprit.
No, instead we are far to busy making sure that Everyone gets turned into a Microwave Radiation Junky.
Oh yes, Its Very Profitable for both parts promoting the "Technology", and helps fill overspent Government treasuries, as well as giving them a Prime Tool, to use to follow most peoples Every move, step. Gosh, that must be Truly Exiting, watching/listening to the society mostly trying to get on with the job at hand!
Just think about it next time you make an appointment with your plumber, builder or electricians, there is someone listening in to g all your Excitement

Never mind if this could cause a Major health catastrophe, and very soon actually.

Thing is the Health effects research already exists, the evidence exists, Yes, Independent, but 2500 Independent studies from All Over The World, are up against the ca. 200 Telecom Industry and Government funded studies that (because of the cash rewards for both) choose to ignore the REAL Independent Studies, where there is No Reward for anyone, except, of course, there would be for the citizens if their well-being was at the heart of their Governments, instead of instant monitory gain , and lets not forget the chance Governments have to spy on all their citizens, most of whom are truly law abiding citizens, who just go on with their lives of working, and bringing up the new generations of future citizens, so many Government employees choose to disregard Who they actually work for, who pays their wages, and instead work for the quick cash gain.

Maybe I am naive, but I seem to remember that there was a clause that All New members of a Government, or parliament, when sworn in had to promise that they would put the health, well-being and interest of their citizens as their a First obligation!
What happened to that promise?
When was that disregarded?

It sure is time to bring it back, At the Front this time, and this time around to Keep them (civil servants) to their obligations to the people who pay their wages, and which they totally disregard today.
Please watch the video at link.


Best regards.
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Source: Channel 4 News, Agnes Ingvarsdottir.

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