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Do mobile masts affect bees' sense of direction?
United Kingdom Created: 11 Jul 2007
I HAVE just read Eric Brown's article entitled 'Bumble bees are busy buzzing off' and was intrigued by his comment that the electro-magnetic radiation from mobile phone masts can affect the homing (radar) mechanism which guides bees back to their home hives.

As a retired plant pathologist and gardener, I grow my own vegetables. I'm interested to know more about this effect on bees.

I watched 'Springwatch' on BBC2 and was alarmed by the statement by Bill Oddie that if we had no bees we would face starvation, probably true?

This spring, I have had several bees in the house, which has never happened before. I wonder if this has anything to do with the mobile phone base station built by T-Mobile last September, which is just 50 metres from my home.

This week another mobile phone base station, with an 11.7m mast, was built by T-Mobile, 3G system in Westmoreland Road - another residential area with gardens.

Many farmers now have these base stations on their farms to give an income, but at what cost? The radiation is known to affect livestock. It is a worrying situation.

Dr E Coster

West Wickham
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Source: Bexley Times, Dr E Coster, 11 Jul 2007

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