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Mobile tower radiation can be carcinogenic
India Created: 14 Feb 2019
Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, organised a lecture on the topic “Electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers: A potential health hazard for birds, bees and humans”.

Dr Chanda Siddoo Atwal from Canada delivered a lecture on the topic.
Dr PK Chhuneja, Head, Department of Entomology, said the lecture, second in the series of Dr AS Atwal memorial lecture series was arranged to sensitise faculty and students about harmful impact of radiations from devices, including microwaves, cell phones and cell phone towers.

Dr Atwal discussed how high-frequency radio waves from microwaves increase the risk of leukemia among children and electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers could soon be established as complete carcinogen.
DNA damage, chromosomal inability resulting in cell death is also an outcome of exposure to microwave radiation, said Dr Atwal.
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Source: Tribune News Service, 13 Feb 2019

An Australian Law Firm seeking those who have been harmed by WI-FI
Australia Created: 9 Feb 2019
If you believe that the effects of WiFi, mobile phones, or mobile phone tower base stations have caused injury to yourself, your child/children or a friend, you are not alone. The increasingly widespread use of WiFi across business and government (especially in schools) is a move that goes against the rapidly mounting body of credible scientific evidence which makes increasingly clear that exposure to even low levels of electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMR), which includes WiFi, on an ongoing basis has a wide range of serious adverse health effects.

These health effects can include:

- ongoing headaches, nausea, sleep disruption, fatigue and decreased ability to concentrate
- damage to your reproductive organs (including sperm)
- affecting embryonic and foetal development
- neurological/neuropsychiatric changes (including affecting mood and learning difficulties)
- development and function of the brain
- cell death
- endocrine changes (such as pancreatic dysfunction)
- calcium overload
- increased oxidative stress
- DNA damage
- the development of cancers and tumours

As long ago as 2011 the World Health Organisation classified EMR as a class 2B “possible carcinogen” to humans. Since then, the scientific evidence has strengthened, and many scientists around the world are now calling for that classification to be upgraded.

In more recent years it is increasingly well established that there are numerous adverse health effects of EMR, some of which can be immediate (such as for those people with electromagnetic sensitivity), but many of which are not immediate but are cumulative and irreversible.

Children are the most likely to suffer from the damaging effects of EMR due to their developing bodies and longer daily/yearly/lifetime exposure to EMR from all sources, including most hours of the day every school day (which they have no choice but to attend). However, children are not the only ones affected.

In 2015 about 190 scientists and doctors from around the world called for far more stringent requirements on EMR than currently exist in some western countries, including Australia. This group has now increased to over 240 scientists and doctors from 42 countries.

Also in 2015, Lloyds of London, one of the world’s largest insurers, excluded as standard from its policies any EMR injury claims. They did so for good reason, and many insurers around the world have done the same. Even insurers see EMR as a significant claims risk. Any business/government/school not covered by insurance for injury caused by EMR (including WiFi) may be liable for injuries it causes from EMR now and in the future

Numerous countries and regional areas across Europe, and even countries such as Cyprus and Israel, have banned WiFi in schools due to the risk of its damaging health effects upon children. Legal actions relating to EMR in Europe have succeeded, and in Australia, a government worker has successfully sued the Federal government body and obtained compensation for an EMR related injury for nausea, disorientation, and headaches.

As recently as in 2018 a long term study in the United States (Federal Department of Health’s National Toxicology Program) confirmed that there is “clear evidence” that long term exposure to EMR caused a particular type of cancer in rats, with several other types of cancer considered “probable.” The results of this study were replicated by a similar independent study in Italy (the prestigious Ramazzini Institute).

In January 2019 the Italian government has been ordered by its courts to conduct a public awareness campaign regarding the health risks associated with EMR, due to commence in July 2019.

Despite claiming otherwise, Australian government departments (including schools) and businesses have long been on notice of the potential adverse health effects of EMR, including mobile phones, WiFi, and mobile phone base station towers.

Emeritus Professor Anthony Miller, one of the world’s leading experts on cancer, dismisses telco industry and government claims that EMR cannot cause harm as “simply false” and the suggestion that there are no “established” health effects as “misleading”.

If you are concerned about EMR exposure and you think that it may have caused your or your child health problems or injury please contact us to discuss:

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Source: Premier Compensation Lawyers, 09 Feb 2019

Government urges parents to limit their children’s social media use to TWO hours at a time
United Kingdom Created: 4 Feb 2019
In the first formal guidelines ever, the Chief Medical Officer will pile huge pressure on web giants to introduce a cut-off for under-18s.

Kids should then take “exercise breaks”. The move comes amid growing alarm at a generation hooked on social media.

Campaigners are likely to demand the crackdown – to be unveiled by Dame Sally Davies next Thursday – goes even further.

Research earlier this week found under-fives spend four hours and 16 minutes a day glued to screens - including online, ,gaming and TV.

Seven in ten of those aged 12 to 15 took smartphones to bed.

And a fifth of children aged 8-12 are on social media – despite supposed bans on under-13s. The new guidelines revealed by James Forsyth in today’s Sun follow an official request from Health Secretary Matt Hancock

The Tory high-flyer last weekend demanded social media giants remove suicide and self-harm material from their sites after the father of a 14-year old teenager blamed Instagram for her death.

Ian Russell said Molly – who committed suicide two years ago – had been looking at social media content about depression, self-harm and suicide.

In a blistering letter to web firms, Mr Hancock said: “It is time for internet and social media providers to step up and purge this content once and for all.”

He added: “Let me be clear, we will introduce new legislation where needed.”

Ofcom earlier this week claimed so many children were glued to YouTube that they had given up other activities such as drawing or going out on their scooters.

Some youngsters said they went out less - because of it was “too much effort” when they could just hook up online.

Researchers warned while many kids go online to watch harmless videos they end up watching unsuitable content by accident.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds last November urged parents to lead by example and drag themselves away from smartphones and tablets.

US academics last summer said children learn smartphone habits from their parents – and it was important adults learn to “unplug”.

The Chief Medical Officer’s view is guidance rather than regulation. Sources compared it to official advice such as “eat your five a day” on vegetables.

The advice will say that kids shouldn’t spend no more than two hours at a time on social media - and that they should do exercise before going back on again.

But insiders said the political argument will be whether the social media companies self-regulate - such as logging out under 18s once they’ve been on for two hours.
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Source: The Sun, Steve Hawkes, 01 Feb 2019

Judge orders school to shut off Wi-Fi to protect EHS child
Italy Created: 3 Feb 2019
The Court of Florence has ordered the immediate shutdown of Wi-Fi in a school to protect the health of a minor. The order was issued to the school manager of the Botticelli Comprehensive Institute.

As the lawyer Agata Tandoi, defender of the family of “Mario” (not the child’s real name to protect privacy) stresses, the emergency order is not a judgment but a preliminary act based on the existence of sufficient environmental barriers for the pupil.

The judge, in fact, ordered the dismantling of routers and hotspots well before the final verdict. The concern is that continued exposure can cause serious harm to the health of the child, being exposed to an electromagnetic soup at school. The protection of the health of a the child is a constitutional right.

In March a hearing was scheduled to discuss whether the shutdown of Wi-Fi will be temporary or final.

The prudential reasoning of Judge Zanda, unpublished but extraordinarily innovative as far as electrosmog is concerned, notes the fact that the school close to the Arno is currently irradiated by non-ionizing waves, electromagnetic fields emitted by Wi-Fi, and dangerous for human health. Taken into account is the scientific communities’ statements to exposure produced by wireless devices’.

This situation makes it all the more risky for “Mario” who suffers from a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, a serious condition that doctors in health facilities – as documentation produced in court by their parents – have already proven.

But that is not all. Also significant is the passage in which it states: how in the schools “Internet service can be guaranteed by the institute also through systems that do not produce electrosmog, without the use of wireless Wi-Fi”.

– Clearly pointing to the vision of the Decree 11 January 2017 issued by the former Minister for the Environment Gian Luca Galletti who, in terms of indoor pollution for the offices of the public administration, ordered the replacement of Wi-Fi with the most secure wiring, ie the cable connection already provided in several Italian schools,

– (2013 motion of the Regional Council of Piedmont, 2015 motion of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, while the Municipality of Brescia then wired those in its municipality as well as, in a prudential manner Mayor of Borgo Franco d’Ivrea has made his classrooms electrosmog free).

No Italian law, [nor Spanish], forces schools to equip themselves with wi – fi for the use of electronic records (even the accused! ) and for computer rooms one can always choose wired connections for which, however, public funding from the government and the European Union is scarce ( who in fact continues to divert billions for wi-fi and 5 G.) At What cost for the population?
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Source: EMFSA, 29 Jan 2019

Headaches from Apple wireless 'AirPod' earphones
USA Created: 31 Jan 2019
Thousands of people have been reporting headaches after using their new Apple AirPods. The increase in complaints on sites like Reddit and the Apple support forums might be in part due to the increasing popularity of the item as well as the hundreds of thousands of pairs that people were gifted for Christmas 2018.

However, that doesn’t answer the question of why so many people are complaining about headaches from the device.

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Source: EMF Academy, Christian, 9 Jan 2019

Homeowners cite health risks for unwanted cell antennas (video)
USA Created: 28 Jan 2019
News clip from News12 Long Island.

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Source: News12 Long Island, 28 Jan 2019

Why the Australian government will not advise the public on wireless technologies’ risks to health – At least for now
Australia Created: 22 Jan 2019
EMFacts blog Commentary by Don Maisch PhD.

In stark contrast to a recent Italian court ruling where three Italian government ministries have acknowledged that there is a need to raise public awareness on how to use mobile phones safely (previous message and see Lennart Hardell’s blog here)[1] it is highly unlikely such concern for public safety will be issued from the Australian government, considering the pro-technology bias of the agencies and individuals who currently advise government ministers on telecommunications issues.

Captured Agencies

Whenever public concerns are raised with Aust. government and opposition members over telecommunications issues (mobile phones, smart meters, 5G), the standard response is to unquestionably follow the advice of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR). Both agencies steadfastly follow the Procrustean dictates of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) which do not allow for any deviation from ICNIRP’s dogma.

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Source: EMFacts blog, Don Maisch PhD, 20 Jan 2019

Could your cellphone’s electromagnetic field make you sick?
USA Created: 18 Jan 2019
A California health activist says the Massachusetts Department of Public Health may be withholding information about possible health risks posed by cellphones and other wireless technologies.

Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California Berkeley, said the state agency is refusing to release fact sheets about the health effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMF, that it began drafting two years ago.

“The higher-ups are very nervous about letting any of this information out to the public,” said Moskowitz. In California, Moskowitz fought a successful seven-year court battle to force that state to release guidelines for consumers on safe cellphone use.

Ann Scales, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts agency, said the DPH plans to release the guidelines within six months.

Moskowitz and some other activists assert that exposure to EMF, the energy given off by countless modern devices, causes a variety of health problems, ranging from sleep loss to brain cancer. They say state and federal agencies have a duty to warn the public to reduce their exposure to EMF.

But both the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that evidence of health risks from EMF is inconclusive.

Moskowitz has joined forces with Cecelia Doucette, an Ashland resident and EMF activist who persuaded her town’s school district to set limits on student exposure to Wi-Fi radio waves. Doucette said she worked with Mass. DPH officials in 2016 to develop a fact sheet showing people how to shield themselves from Wi-Fi waves, as well as electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, cell towers, and high-voltage electric power lines.

But more than two years later, the fact sheet has yet to be released. “I don’t know why,” Doucette said. “They have not given me a reason aside from the fact that it is still under review.”

Moskowitz filed a public records request for the fact sheets with the Mass. DPH, but it was denied. Public records liaison Carolyn Wagner wrote that the document in question is exempt from the state’s disclosure law because it’s still in draft form.

Scales said that until the DPH releases its guidelines, consumers can find out about safe cellphone use from the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute, which has a Web page devoted to the subject.

Many scientists agree that EMF exposure may pose a health hazard. They’re especially concerned about cellphones, because of their position so close to the user’s head, thereby increasing the brain’s exposure to the phone’s electromagnetic field.

“The evidence that prolonged use of cellphones increases the risk of brain cancer is extremely strong,” said David Carpenter, professor of environmental health sciences at the University at Albany, State University of New York.

Carpenter pointed to recent large-scale studies in the United States and Italy that found that exposure to cellphone radio waves caused brain tumors in rats, as well as earlier studies that found evidence of increased cancer rates among heavy cellphone users.

“The degree of risk is debatable,” Carpenter said. “However, that there is a risk is really pretty clear.”

Richard Clapp, professor emeritus at Boston University’s School of Public Health, agreed. He recommended that consumers use wired earbuds to make calls instead of holding the handset to their ears.

“There’s good reason for being cautious,” Clapp said. “If you don’t have to expose yourself or you can reduce your exposure, do that.”

 The World Health Organization states on its website that “to date there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health.” Yet the WHO also lists electromagnetic fields as a “possible carcinogen.”

The controversy is likely to intensify in the years ahead with the deployment of next-generation 5G wireless systems, which operate at higher frequencies than today’s cellular systems and will require a far more transmitters.

“5G is going to put an antenna every several hundred yards in cities,” Moskowitz said. “The exposure will be substantial.”

The nation’s wireless companies plan to spend billions on 5G networks, and the Trump administration considers quick deployment of the technology a matter of national security. But Markowitz and other health activists want a moratorium on 5G technology pending more research on health risks.
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Source: Boston Globe, Hiawatha Bray, 17 Jan 2019

BREAKING: Italian Court Orders Public Safety Campaign
Italy Created: 17 Jan 2019
In a victory for advocates of precaution, an Italian court has ordered the government to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones.

More here: https://microwavenews.com/short-takes-archive/italian-decision-precaution

Louis Slesin, PhD
Editor, Microwave News
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Source: Microwave News, Louis Slesin PhD, 16 Jan 2019

Studies suggest the harm of wireless radiation
USA Created: 14 Jan 2019
American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents reduce their children’s exposure.

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health. Even smokers understand the risks.

But there was a time when smoking was glamorous and recommended for healthy social pleasures.

Then in 1964, the Surgeon General shocked Americans with a landmark report revealing smoking cigarettes was linked with lung cancer and heart disease.

We've come a long way in understanding how a once-simple pleasure actually kills people.

Some now believe that cellphones, wireless devices and smart meters are the modern-day equivalent of cigarettes.

Everyone uses them, but very few consumers recognize any potential health risks.

Apple iPhone users might be surprised that the manufacturer posts a warning right on the device.

But it's not obvious; it's buried deep within the phone. To find it, select “settings,” then “general” and then “about.” Next, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “legal” and then “RF Exposure.”

The almost too-hidden warning basically recommends users not hold the phone next to their head, but opt for hands-free options to reduce exposure to radio frequency, or RF, energy.
Dangers of exposure

Mark Proudfoot, Wyomissing, is passionate about spreading the message of the dangers of exposure to radio frequencies, especially for children. He has publicly addressed the Wyomissing School Board several times with his concerns.

“Schools have been dodging the issue, waiting for clear-cut proof that wireless is damaging to heath,” Proudfoot said. “The proof is in, but there is no interest in action to protect our children without government regulations to force it.”

Proudfoot predicts that there will be a tragedy in the next decade with thousands being mortally sick from wireless exposure.

“The data is in, and it is clear that wireless causes cancer, premature aging, sleep disorders, infertility, concentration problems, DNA damage and is quite possibly a significant contributor to the autism explosion,” he said. “The mechanisms for damage have been proven, and FCC guidelines do not even consider these risks.”

“Theresa,” 52, Oley Township, has not been able to live in her home for the past month because of electro-hyper sensitivity and the mandated installation of a smart meter on her house.

Theresa did not wish to be identified with her real name in order to protect her family.

“I was fortunate that my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic educated me on the importance of reducing exposures,” Theresa said. “I am very grateful as that helped me have a better long-term outcome. I cannot live in my house right now for reasons outside of my control.”
Reduce exposure

Theresa is a pediatric physical therapist and functional medicine health coach who educates parents in wellness strategies, including recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics that parents reduce their children's wireless exposure.

“This recommendation was made after the release of the National Toxicology Program study results,” Theresa said. “This was a large study on (the link between) cellphones and cancer.”

Theresa said she has found when parents reduce their children's wireless exposures, infants and toddlers progress better in therapy.

Annmarie Cantrell, 48, Union Township, said she too has significant sensitivity when being around wireless devices.

“I began to notice brain fog, an increase in anxiety, heart palpitations and nausea, and started to notice a pattern of symptoms in front of computers or in stores which offer wireless.”

“Shelly,” 55, Reading, who also did not wish to use her real name, said when she is in certain environments, within hours she can experience nausea, headaches, sweats, dizziness, heart palpitations and the inability to concentrate.

“I began to notice patterns and realized it happened when I was around wireless,” Shelly said. “There are thousands of studies which have not been spoken about in the media. People don't want to believe this because they feel they need their gadgets: It's a factor of addiction.”

In the first three seasons of the Netflix original series “Better Call Saul,” a main character played by Michael McKeon is afflicted with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Portrayed as mental illness

But much of his affliction is portrayed as being a mental illness.

Marsha Green, a professor of psychology at Albright College, said that is often the diagnosis, but an unfair assessment, of people afflicted with the symptoms.

“I want to make it clear that people with symptoms are not imagining this,” Green said. “There is pretty clear evidence that microwave frequencies definitely have an effect on the nervous system.

“Electrosensitivity is classified as a disability, but there is so much resistance from this multibillion-dollar industry,” she said. “People are addicted to technology and don't want to hear this.”

A Dec. 19 press release issued by Pennsylvanians for Safe Technology states that the “plight of Pennsylvanians with disabilities requires the immediate action of the Pennsylvania legislature or the Public Utility Commission.

“These cases demonstrate the harm done to vulnerable Pennsylvanians by the Public Utilities Commission and electric utilities, the lack of consumer protections and lack of accommodations for ADA accepted diagnoses of disability,” the press release states. “Pennsylvania stands alone as the only state with a PUC which refuses to acknowledge the issue of smart meter harm to residential customers. Every other state utility commission has granted accommodations to their customers with disabilities.”
Neuropathy risk

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, who had a private medical practice in Miami and is now establishing one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, said that in 2014 she experienced neuropathy when holding a cellphone.

“That's when I got interested in wireless radiation and started reading research and networking with other physicians,” Goldberg said. “The real problem here is that there is no informed consent. No one tells you what the potential risks are with this technology.”

Goldberg said there is sufficient evidence to prove there are very serious health risks with wireless technology, but many doctors do not address it because they are being kept in the dark.

“Doctors do what they are paid to do and often do not have time to read the studies,” she said. “There has been a lot of false information put out by the wireless industry. If physicians take time to read the studies, they would all come to the same solution that remediation in the home is a way to improve patients' overall health.”

Proudfoot said no one is opposed to technology, but that there are solutions to drastically reduce exposure.

Shelly said you should turn off cellular data and turn off all routers in your home during the night.

Theresa recommended hard-wiring devices.

“I feel we are lucky because we know about this and mitigate our exposures,” Theresa said.

“Another thing is that you should never put your phone next to your body,” Proudfoot said. “I always keep it 3 or 4 feet away from me.”

Peter Beck, 70, who lives near Robesonia, is a concerned citizen trying to make people aware of the dangers.

He recommends purchasing an RF meter, available for about $150 on Amazon, to keep you aware of when the frequencies become unsafe.

“RF meters make those invisible things in your home visible,” Beck said.
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Source: Reading Eagle, David A. Kostival, 04 Jan 2019

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